Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Past 6 Months: Some Posts of Interest.

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Good morning! Hope everyone is having a smashing Saturday (I love writing as if I'm British!). For your own reading pleasure - and for a laugh or two, I'm sure - check out the best of the best blog posts from the past 6 months.

Come and bask with me in my awkwardness!

There was the time I blew my own 14-year secret

There was the time I had no shame in admitting a virgin virgin , and tha contrary to popular myth, it, SHOCKINGLY, had nothing to do with my disability

There were the times my Facebook footsies with Facebook Flirt help give me a much needed boost in the self-confidence department

There was the time I wrote a Letter To My Future Husband describing my Top Romantic moments, though oddly (and of course, awkwardly), these moments were a bit, umm, one-sided.

And finally...

There was the time I sent men a detailed memo on the best ways to approach me


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