Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dating With Disabilities: Love And Disability

Teaser: I still have so many questions when it comes to how and why my physical disability affects my love life. But the real question I have to ask myself: What would happen if I just asked a guy out on a date...?

Dating With Disabilities: Love And Disability


[Photo via Le Love]


DecemberDreams87 said...

aww this is adorable

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this post and your article. Though I don't have a disability, I have never had a boyfriend and your writing expresses what I wonder as well. Keep your hopes up and hopefully one day a guy will see you for what you are.

Michell said...

I think sometimes you're reading my mind Melissa! I have the same fears and questions all the time. And while I have no trouble making friends with guys, getting them to see me as anything other than a friend--or worse yet, little sister--seems like an impossible task. I keep telling myself to just relax, be myself and let life take its' course, but it's definitely hard on the self esteem when every guy you're interested in just wants you to be his buddy. All I can say is, you're not alone in your fears. Hopefully, someday a great guy will convince us we're wrong about ourselves. I only hope when that time comes, it's not too late to change our minds!

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Nahl said...

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Reputation Managers said...

Keep your hopes up and hopefully one day a guy will see you for what you are.

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