Monday, November 30, 2009

Breaking News: Blackberry Goodness.

If you know me well, you'd know that when it comes to all things technology, I tend to be, well frankly, a bit behind the times. I used cassettes (yes, I mean cassette tapes, here until roughly 1999 - the first CD I ever bought was ...Baby One More Time if you must know. I was reluctant to get a DVR until just a few years ago because of my deadly fear of change. And I darn near cry every time I'm forced to get a new wheelchair and say goodbye to my old one - the one that had served me so well over the last few years (we'd sure been through a heck of a lot together).

So, suffice it to say, new, hip technology and I have never really been the best of friends. OK, truth be told, I'd always hated those high-tech gadgets with a passion. There was simply just too much to figure out; give me the good old standard of everything, and I'd be a happy gal.

And then last Friday, a little guy waltzed into my life. His name? Blackberry. Now, I'd always wanted a Blackberry, but always thought I couldn't swing the extra expense. Well, thanks to some recent writing work, apparently, I could swing the expense because I found myself walking out of U.S. Cellular smiling as if I just walked out of a candy store and made off with a loot of those candy dots that came on strips of paper.

With that, I give you the debut of my Blackberry Tour 9630.
Plus, I couldn't resist taking a few photos with it!

This whole concept of being able to be online while lying in my comfy bed at night is at once dangerous and intoxicating at the same time. And yes, those photos are indeed of me lying in my warm bed. And yes, I did write the majority of this post from my bed!

Now all I have to do is dive into the world of Crackberry, a club I once thought would shun me from its lovely gates forever!

P.S. Oh, and I may have a little surprise for you in the coming days. Hint: video blog, anyone?


  1. hehe!! I'm a traditional girl as well, but I love my iphone! ;) Technology is amazing but I still prefer to read a real newspaper (rather than online)and books (rather than use a kindle).

  2. I love my Blackberry. You look so snuggly and comfy in bed too!

  3. How interesting you will have to keep me updated on your new TOY.
    I am a lot older than you and so you can imagine how I feel about all these new fangled items that happen everytime I turn around there is something I have never heard of. My grandbabies are so young but know more about computers than their grandmayellowhair.
    Just found you tonight and honestly not sure how I got here. hahaha but so glad I did. I am looking forward to being one of your many many many followers.
    I think you have broke the record for followers. So that tells me you must be good at this.
    I shall find out soon

  4. oh the blackberry. my boss had a blackberry, a verizon cell phone, AND an iphone for the longest time. and i was the *lucky* one that had to call customer service for all those devices CONSTANTLY. needless to say, i am not a fan of them! but i am glad you are loving your new toy!

  5. Have fun with the "crackberry"!!
    I have to say that I am an iPhone girl myself ~~

    xoxo Laura

  6. oh god i'd love to have one either :) *sigh*

  7. Don't let it suck you in!!

    Just kidding! I couldn't live without my Nokia E71 (Blackberry killer is what it's rumored) Love my cell phone, too!

  8. Ah welcome to the world of 'Crackberry'. I tried as long as I could to stay away from this mess, but it sucked me in sooner than expected. I LOVE my berry & I'm sure you will too :)

    a great website to learn shortcuts, etc:

  9. Just found you tonight and honestly not sure how I got here. hahaha but so glad I did. I am looking forward to being one of your many many many followers.


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