Monday, December 07, 2009

Man Candy Monday: Pure '80s Love Edition.

So here's the deal, friends: Since the holidays are all about joy, peace and love to all, I've decided that we all deserve to indulge in some Man Candy special assortment editions until the New Year, when we all attempt to stop overindulging and stick to one piece of pie instead of two. But for now, let's enjoy some pie, shall we?

I fell in love with these two guys in the mid-'80s. I couldn't have been more than 8 or 9, but they stole my heart the moment one told me to never surrender and the other one told me that he'd never give me up and that we'd be together forever. And in my naive, child mind, I believed them. I would have told you back then that they wrote those songs for me and for me only. One was my Prince Charming; the other was my first bad boy.



  1. i so remember these guys, those songs -sigh-

  2. so 80's ...

    used to love them ~~
    xo Laura

  3. wooowwww waayyyyy!

    One love,

  4. Love 80's hunks. I never was a Corey fan but Rick Astley, totally. Love that song he does.

  5. What one? I love both Never Gonna Give You Up and Together Forever! They're in constant rotation on my itunes playlist! LOL

  6. Corey Hart was my BIG TIME crush as a little girl. I mean, would ya look at those lips!? And he always puckers them when he sings too, I LOVE IT! Thanks, Melissa!

  7. Haha, I totally remember Corey Hart. That's so funny. Can't say that I loved the "man candy" as much as the rest of your readers probably did, but I still enjoyed the walk down memory lane :)

  8. My favorite was "She Wants to Dance With Me." For some reason Rick then grew his hair out and it looked AWFUL.


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