Friday, February 05, 2010

Have A Colorful Weekend.

Oh gosh, friends, how are you doing on this lovely Friday? What are your plans for the weekend? I'd love to hear what you're up to, considering I love to be a hermit on Saturdays and Sundays. I love to stay in the comforts of my house for two solid, uninterrupted days. It's quite peaceful. Don't forget about the excitement coming next week as we kick off Valentine's Day in style with the The Single Life series with love and goodies. What's better than celebrating the joy that is you? In the meantime, here are my Top 5 Favorite Blogs this week...

sweet everythings: I could look at these pretty photos for hours! Such a romantic and whimsical find.

Daydream Believer: A wonderful woman who has a incredible talent for telling the best stories and inspiring me!

A diary of lovely: This is one of those blogs that will always make you "awww" inspiring!

Adventure of a Grocery Clerk: The hilarious tales and adventures of a grocery clerk. Great read.

Made You Blush: A girl who is always honest. So refreshing, isn't it?

***Oh, and a nice little gift for your Friday: The lovely folks over at Shabby Apple are offering readers a 10% discount now through the end of the month. Just use the code Melissabxoxo10off and shop, shop away!

And of course, check these gems the Web had to offer! Thanks again for all the sweet and marvelous comments this week. I love you! xoxo

Don't you love romantic photos?

Don't you love these pretty patterns?

This woman is seriously amazing!

Awww, cute nursery animals

Are you a daydreamer?

Blog comments: yay or nay?

Check out this ahhh-dorable dog on the beach!

Who doesn't love sparkling jewels?

Orange wedding

Did you ever have bunk beds when you were a kid?

Isn't Wonder Woman just wonderful?

This chocolate-covered honeycomb looks absolutely delicious!

Beatiful night shots of Los Angeles

Cherry pie can solve any problem, don't you think?

Aren't these little wooden houses cute?

What's your favorite spot in your house?

Mind Your Heart

I love the look of polaroid photos, don't you?

Everyone should have a job they love!

A gym that has free pizza on Mondays!

I need this lovely red bag to put all my stuff in so things stop falling out of my wheelchair's basket!

Go ahead and spread the love

Travel prints

Fabulous flowers

Genius: Don't you love these soft and patterned designs?

Oooh, I want this Catcher in the Rye T-shirt!

Is this not the cutest dog you've ever seen?

Check out these colorful hearts

So, what's your favorite type of cheese?

What do you think of the 15 worst movie taglines ever written?

I love these blogs that became books!

Alert: Here are 10 signs he's smitten with you!

Gold + purple = perfect combo

I love this DIY Valentine's Day gift idea

Awwww yeah, it's a Say Anything T-shirt!

Don't you like these striped walls?

Awesome art by children

Genius: Rainbow pancakes

Isn't this airplane party an awesome idea?

Balloons just make everything better

Home decorating idea: Window seats

My dream home

Horse ring

I've never been a sea person, but these pieces of vintage nautical are quite intriguing

[Photo via Audrey Hepburn Complex]


  1. thanks for including d&oc in your link list! orange weddings are the best!
    i was especially interested in the link about blog comments, whoa.

  2. yay @ new links and blogs to explore! i love to hibernate like a groggy bear on the weekends. unfortunately, i don't live on an island and hafta heave myself outta bed to be and stuff. x-( hehe. i hope you have a WONDERFULLY relaxing weekend!!

  3. I want an orange wedding! Also, the little button on the right of your blog says Lyrical Ganster instead of Lyrical Gangster

  4. happy friday! great links and i can not believe those rainbow pancakes!! oh my. ;)

  5. I know! I want to eat those pancakes!!

  6. Wow, Melissa!! Thank you so much for including my blog! ...but YOU'RE the inspirational one!! Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Thanks so much for the link love!
    Sending you Bright, Bold, and Beautiful wishes for the weekend!!

    xoxo Laura

  8. I love that first picture!!
    Shabby apple looks quite interesting, also ;-}
    Uu rock :-}

    God bless!!

  9. Thank you...THANK YOU for thinking my blog is a great read!!! You made me smile today :)

    Honesty is the best medicine and i spread it daily. May you continue to read. I'm your newest reader. It's very nice to meet you.

  10. You have a great weekend too!
    I love the romatic photographs link! I am now a follower and loving that blog!
    This weekend I have to finish my art coursework for school and im going to be making a New York Cheesecake!
    I love the links you leave us all, Thankyou

  11. ah! so many good links to explore! this post will certainly keep me busy for awhile! :) thanks for all the recomendations! :)

  12. I gotta say I'm partial to the Say Anything tee since it's one of the coveted looks from my Thursday post! Who doesn't love Loyd?

  13. Happy, Happy Weekend my love! I believe I will be spending the rest of the evening with Adventures of a Gorcery Store Clerk thanks to you!! :)

  14. Thank you love-You're amazing too! XO

  15. unfortunately, i don't live on an island and hafta heave myself outta bed to be and stuff.

    Work from home India

  16. "This woman is seriously amazing!"

    Yes she is... and so is her new home (if I do say so myself) ;-)

  17. That was supposed to link to Liz... haha but you knew that!

  18. Hope you had an amazing weekend :) I love hermit weekends, though my Friday and Saturday was full of a charity ball and a movie night out.

    Love all these links, too! Have a great day and I'm glad I stumbled upno your blog :)

  19. I left you something over on my blog :)

    I'm enjoying your blog very much, so you got an award from me!

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. have a fabulous weekend (or whatever is left of it!)!

  22. I love that first picture!!
    Shabby apple looks quite interesting.


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