Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Letters To My Future Husband: Letter #71

Dear Mr. Melissa Blake:

I've always thought that these letters would only mean something to you; well, I'd always hoped they would anyway. I mean, when you think about it, who would want to read upwards of 75 letters by some girl in the cornfields written to some guy she sees in her head but hasn't met yet - other than you? My story, I've always thought, isn't all that exciting, enthralling or exotic, really - heck, I'm the girl who giggles with glee over a large glass of Barq's root beer. It's comical, yes (I know, Sweetpea, you'll probably laugh every time I order a root beer at a restaurant (or bar), won't you?), but the sort of can't-put-down reading other brilliant authors write? Certainly not. Who would even want to read about our journey to each other - by the way, a journey you probably don't even know you're on right now.

But, Sweetpea, it looks like my message to you is spreading like a delicious coating of butter across a just-out-of-the-oven biscuit - stop rolling your eyes now; that was funny! I discovered yesterday that one of my lovely blog friends, Nicole, posted my very first letter to you, one that I wrote more than a year ago. I had no idea if I'd even keep up the series then (no offense, Sweetpea, but part of me was worried writing them would just give me more of the DDs - depressed and desperate.
But you know what? It's actually done the opposite. These letters to you have brought me so much happiness and joy and excitement for the future - honestly, the sort of joy I haven't felt since my father's death.

And as luck would have it, these letters are surprisinly well received too. The reviews are in. Check out what some readers had to say about them...

I have never read the first letter to this series you do on your blog but I must say after reading that I want to start from letter one to all the way to were you are now. That was so beautiful. You are a gifted writer and your future husband will be a VERY lucky man.

Writing letters to the future...PRICELESS!!! These words we want others to know...to read...they will be heard. May her Mr. be soon found.

I love this idea so much, and it's such a beautifully written letter from the heart :)

What a beautiful letter. I agree - Melissa's future hubby is one lucky man. And I LOVE the cranberry juice!

I LOVE melissa's blog. She is so sweet, and I think her letters to her future husband are brilliant. These will be such a gift one day when she does find Mr. Right :).

Did you hear that, Sweetpea? There's proof that you'll be one lucky man, though I'm sure you knew that already, right?
Anyway, then, I found these comments from readers urging me to turn these musings to you into a book...

Beautiful letter today. Ever thought of writing a book? I find your flow so beautiful, and your writing so interesting.

I really wish you would compile all of your "Letters to My Future Husband" posts into a book - I imagine it would top the bestsellers list!! :)

yes yes yes a book Melissa. A book of letters to your future husband :)

Yikes! A book? Really? I'd honestly never even thought about writing a book of these letters. Honestly, the thought of writing any sort of book had always given me a crippling fear. It seems so overwhelming - feel free to pat me on the shoulder and give me some comfort if I'm sitting next to you right now.
But maybe somewhere down the line, a book like this will be in my future. It's definitely something to think about, though I don't think I'd even begin the whole query-an-agent process until I have at least 100 letters written. What do you think, Sweetpea?

It's sort of weird to think that maybe someday I'll walk into Barnes & Noble and see my book on display. It all seems very surreal. Even more surreal is the idea that perhaps you'll walk into a bookstore and see the book too, and not even realize it's about you. Would that freak you out? I hope not, but if you look up and some girl with red hair is hiding her face behind said book and smiling subtly at you every few minutes, don't be too scared. It will probably just be me. And knowing me, I'll probably write a letter about that moment, too. Until we meet...

P.S. If I don't come out with the book until after we're married, can you please remind me to choose a photo of myself wearing one of my classic polo shirts for the dustjacket? Preferably one with loud colors - that will really capture my personality, won't it?

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  1. That is a fantastic idea! I'm definitely buying the book if you decide to do it. =]]

  2. Fingers crossed that a book is in the very-near future my love!! :)

  3. I'm definitely buying the book if you decide to do it.


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