Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tales From The Trenches: Tale #24

Today tale is more along the lines of some advice from my high school classmate Kasey. He's a smart one, so I'm taking notes on his tips. What do you think, friends? xoxo

Over the course of my dating life, I have compiled some rules for dating and relationships. They come in no particular order, but I feel they can help both men and women improve their success when it comes to dating relationships. Use them, laugh at them and watch them prove themselves to be true.

Rule #46
Guys: Do not look a girl over until you have made her laugh at least three times and she knows your name.
You probably will look her over anyway, but at least TRY to follow this rule. If she catches you looking her over, you must make her laugh. Try smiling and saying, “you’ll do.”
Girls: guys like to be looked over.
It is an ego-booster. No matter what you look like, an authentic smile while you look a guy over will always always be well-received. Just make sure you look at their eyes, too.
Rule #7
Both sexes: Do not be creepy.
If the person you are interested in ever thinks you are a creep, stalker, or weirdo, you have lost. I cannot stress this enough. Examples of being creepy include: *mentioning marriage, kids, or meeting the family before you are boyfriend and girlfriend
*posting comments on social networking sites about things you really know nothing about
*showing up randomly to meet the person without first using the telephone, unless they work at a Dairy Queen, in which case you’d better be buying a Blizzard.

Rule #89
Use your words.
Do not expect anyone to magically know why you are mad at them, what you want for dinner or your taste in flowers. The person you like is NOT a mind-reader, even if their profession is magician. Talk. I know it is uncomfortable sometimes, but that is the best, most efficient way to communicate. And whatever you’re going to say, don’t do it via text message or IM. That is entirely too impersonal.
Those rules should keep you busy for now. Keep trying, and remember that past failures are no indication of future successes!!

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  1. I totally agree with the Use your Words part. Guys have told me all the time, that you really gotta tell them when your mad or upset or what ya want. Talking really is such an important key!!

    Love the key picture!

  2. FYI, if a guy looked me over and then said "You'll do," that would gross me out.

  3. I would concur about the whole "you'll do," joking or not. Offensive.

    Also, I agree with your poster about not being creepy. Any sign of pining for the person or trying too hard comes off as desperate and a little weird.

  4. Oh, I love Kasey. He's such a good guy! And his rules for dating are spot on!

  5. Rule # 7 is fantastic...and so true!

  6. My favourite is 'don't be creepy'. Sometimes hard not to, but great advice!

  7. Rule # 7 is my absolute favorite; mainly because I am on the receiving end of someone acting like this right now and it's completely driving me insane. I can't stand when guys go too far, assuming things, when you only think of them as a friend. It can be so frustrating!! :)

  8. I love this! This is such a great thing to know, and so informational.


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