Monday, March 01, 2010

Man Candy Monday

It's Monday morning, friends!! Reader Lexi suggested this week's prize, and I couldn't argue with her one bit. I don't exactly remember when I first fell in love with this guy, but he's always embodied that quirky, rugged outlaw quality that is just so darn appealing and irresistible. He's had his troubles, sure, but he's come back better than ever. What can be more sexy than triumph over tragedy...???


[Photos via JustJared]


Melanie's Randomness said...

I have such a love/hate crush on this guy!! He's hawt but I wish he was a nicer person!

linda said...

i had a dream recently that Robert refused to date me because my room was messy.


Kara said...

rugged definatly. I love rugged!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

awww I love him! so entertaining and funny. Have you seen Sherlock Holmes? It rocks!

Happenstance said...

It's funny, I think RDJ's a good looking guy but what I like better is his quirky humor. I think he'd really crack me up.

Hope you had a great weekend Melissa!

Melissa Blake said...

i haven't seen sherlock holmes yet, but I'm definitely putting it on the top of my netflix list! xoxo

MaMa MishMish said...

Ooooh, my daughter has this movie (we can get all current movies on DVD already where I live), I'll be watching it today! He is one of my favorite actors. I agree with you totally!

superchance said...

I know exactly when i fell in love with him: Less than Zero. one of the classics which i guess reveals my age!
GREAT pic for man candy monday!!!

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