Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tie-pography Alphabet.

What a genius idea: Ed Nacional, a New York-based graphic designer, honored his father by individually photographying ties his father passed down to him. He then made the alphabet out of them, using one tie for each letter. Can you imagine all the detail that went into this project, friends? xoxo
He also cleverly spelled out this, which I think is awesome...

(Via Happiness Is...)


  1. All my dad's ties have cartooon characters on them (he's not a very serious guy!) so I think it'd be all the more fun to see his ties like this. Love it!

  2. Hahha..that is so cool:) I have to show this one to my dad...He will love this! Kisses, darling

  3. OMG so awesome!
    My BF is going to get a kick out of this!


  4. Love them both. What a great idea
    Happy weekend to you

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  6. Love them both. What a great idea Happy weekend to you Michelle


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