Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does She?

Do you know what is just downright odd, friends? I know someone. He has a girlfriend. I'm jealous. And I have virtually NO idea why? I'm sure you can relate, right? Well, at least a song came out of it, I suppose...
Lying here with my head on this soft pillow
I realize there's so much in my heart that you'll never know
I wish you were next to me now
When I think of you with her, everything seems wrong somehow

Does she know what you dream about?
Do you share your secrets with her?
Does she care about the things that make you happy?
Do you smile at her the way I've seen you smile at me?
Does she give you butterflies, the kind that tickle all your insides?
And does she love you the way I've always wanted to?

Did I ever tell you how much you make me smile
Or the ways my eyes light up whenever you're around?
I'll probably never get to say this out loud
That you're everything I dream about

Does she know what you dream about?
Do you share your secrets with her?
Does she care about the things that make you happy?
Do you smile at her the way I've seen you smile at me?
Does she give you butterflies, the kind that tickle all your insides?
And does she love you the way I've always wanted to?

You belong with me, not her, and yet I hate that I feel this way
That I'd let you pull me in this far
Even if you didn't know it

Does she know what you dream about?
Do you share your secrets with her?
Does she care about the things that make you happy?
Do you smile at her the way I've seen you smile at me?
Does she give you butterflies, the kind that tickle all your insides?
And does she love you the way I've always wanted to?

Lying here with my head on this soft pillow
I wish you were next to me now

[Photo via On A High Note]

Garland Headband Giveaway!

Today's giveaway comes to us from muchloveilly, a great etsy shop filled with beautiful jewelry and accessories. One lucky reader will receive the Crushing On You garland headband. The red is perfect for spring, don't you think?

For your chance to win, simply visit muchloveilly, and leave a comment below, along with your email address. A winner will be selected at random tomorrow afternoon. Good luck! xoxo

P.S. muchloveilly is also offering So about what I said readers a 10% discount off your entire order prior to shipping costs if you mention it in the message to seller box at checkout!

Update: Congrats to our winner, Blabbermouth! Thanks for entering! xoxo

Letters To My Future Husband: Letter #80

Dear Mr. Melissa Blake:

I should warn you now (or maybe I already have...) that it's very rare that you'll ever hear these words come out of my mouth:

I wish I wasn't disable.

It's can give me that confused look. I've seen it before. I'm sure I'll go into more detail about it later, but suffice it to say that most people can't believe that I wouldn't jump at the chance (no pun intended; we both know it's a little hard to jump when your legs are fused...) to just get up and walk if I could.

For as long as I could remember, there wasn't a time when I sat around and wallowed over all the physical things I couldn't do. Honestly, it never really crossed my mind.

But when I posted this Facebook status update last week (do people still use Facebook?), I had to stop and think about things for a moment.

I dream of finding a sparkly, flowing dress to fit my 4-foot frame and just twirling in circles until I get dizzy.

Really? Did I really want to twirl until I get dizzy? I couldn't help but realize something: Maybe there are a few things I wish I could do. The list isn't long, but here are my top two:

Flashdance...Oh, what a feeling!
I do a mean upper-body shuffle. You wouldn't think it was possible, what with my entire spine being fused and all, but I can groove with the best of them. But I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to glide across the floor in one sweeping motion as the music swelled in the background. You know I let my voice get carried away with the music, but how would it feel to just let the music dictate the rhythms of your body? What would it be like dancing to some passionate song like the Tango?
I'm sure we could think of an awesome way to dance together. I'm thinking that you could just hold me and twirl me around in circles, but be prepared because my loud laughter can be alarming to some people. I may be small, but I swear that my laugh alone could fill an entire room. Or I could stand up, you could hold on to my wrist and we could just sort of sway. Does that sound too lame? Not to get all sappy, but I just want to know what it feels like to slow dance in someone's arms - well, preferably your arms, obviously. Oh, and of course, we would have to be slow dancing to my favorite '80's power ballad When I'm With You. What? Oh, stop rolling your eyes, Sweetpea. You know you secretly love the song.
Anyway, I look forward to us dancing around a big, beautiful room like this. Now all I need to find are some dancing shoes...

Ring around the roller rink
When I was younger, my parents bought my sister and me each a pair of roller skates. Looking back now, it was sort of a cruel joke. Who would give skates to a girl who can't exactly walk? Though I suppose they just didn't want me to feel left out. I tried a few times to put those skates on and use my walker to skate around our tiny apartment kitchen. Yeah, it didn't work very well. I mostly just wobbled around in a clumsy circle, going at a speed so slow (I was a bit of a frightful, non-adventurous child...) that it was virtually impossible for me to get any sort of dizzy. I was actually sort of a sad sight.
But I've always wanted to fly all over the place at one of those classic roller rinks. You know, the kind where people form Conga lines and slip and slide all around like a giant snake? I figure with roller skating, it's all about the shoes, and Sweetpea, I intend to have the best-looking skates this side of the Mississippi. Or, I guess, this side of wherever we end up living. Anyway, the skates shall be bright, neon and flashy. There's no arguing there.

So what do you think? Now I'll be the first to admit that these are sort of superficial things. They're never going to matter, really, in the grand scheme of my life.

But doesn't everyone have a few of those I-wish-I-coulds on their list? Don't you, Sweetpea? I can't wait to hear all about yours. I can't wait to dance in your arms someday, too. Until we meet...

[Photos via happythings, Audrey Hepburn Complex and We Heart It]

How I Feel (In 5 Photos) Wednesday.

"I don't know what to do/I think I'm falling for you" --Colbie Caillat

P.S. That third photo? Well, let's just say it's so me...

[Photos via I Heart Love and Why I'm Not Where You Are]

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do You Decode Your Dreams?

I've never been one to read too much into dreams. Sometimes I remember my dreams, but most of the time, I can't recall the stories that play in my head each night. Last weekend, though, I had a strangely vivid dream. I mean, really, really vivid. It's funny because in my dreams, I (or maybe my subconscious...?) usually focus on the people at the exclusion of the scenery around me. In my dream, I'm getting engaged (I think...) to someone I worked with on my college's newspaper. And no, it's not Ex-Marine Man. What's strange is that said man-centerpiece in my dream is a guy I knew but didn't interact with on a regular basis. Weird, no?

What dreams do you have? xoxo

[Photo via Le Love]

Inspiration: Sweet Spring Wedding.

I'm loving this spring-inspired wedding put together by the lovely folks of Project Wedding. It's simple, yet still really has that sweet romantic feel. It took place in the perfect spring setting: A greenhouse. "It's a perfect idea for those who love the outdoors but are unsure of the forecast for their springtime nuptials. With a glass roof overhead, you can enjoy the great outdoors, regardless of the weather," say the designers.

And how awesome is that the bride wore a simple tea-length gown by Elizabeth Dye, and the groom sported khakis, a white shirt and floral tie? Genius! xoxo

P.S. Aren't those flowers beautiful, too?

Tales From The Trenches: Tale #29

My friends, the awesome Kasey is back again this week! This time, he shares his picks for the 11 must-have songs for a romance mix tape, CD or MP3 playlist! Even better, he added commentary with each one! Enjoy! xoxo

P.S. He wanted me to switch out one song with another, but I couldn't bear it. Besides, I like the number 11.

Can't Help Falling in Love With You -- Elvis Presley
This is a classic. The perfect combination of tempo, harmonies, melody and Elvis singing smoother than butter.

Your Song -- Elton John
Made famous (again) by Ewan MacGregor by way of Moulin Rouge; this song has the perfect music/lyrics combination for hangin' with your hottie.

All My Life -- KC & Jojo
Ah, sappy/lovey-dovey lyrics, a sweet soulful R&B groove and velvety voices you can just eat. Can't go wrong. Or else you already have

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing -- Aerosmith
No one should be opposed to rockin' out some Aerosmith, and when they've thrown down a melodic rock ballad, you best put it on your playlist.

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Lovin' You -- Marc Anthony
The sap factor is quite high on this song. However, that adds to its charm as a great background song for candlelight.

A Whole New World -- from Aladdin
You can make big sweeping arm motions to this song. Just don't hit anybody in the face.

My Funny Valentine -- Frank Sinatra
Have you ever heard this song?! Come on!! Not that funny...but very Valentine-eous.

Moon River -- Jane Monheit
Jane Monheit could sing the dictionary, and I would still melt. Literally. Her voice is perfect.

When the Rain Comes -- Third Day
This song just gives you an excuse to hold somebody. And that's really what you want to do anyway.

One More Night -- Phil Collins
You have to have at least one 80's ballad. On a side note, you can fist pump to almost every 80's song.

Lucky -- Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
You have to have at least ONE duet where people sing about their love for each other and covering vast distances to meet. Plus, they "oooohhh" a lot.
What songs would you add to the list?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lonesome Town.

Isn't it amazing how the heart can do a complete 180 in the span of just 2 days? It's hard to believe the same guy who inspired Say You're Sorry inspired this song. But it's true. Has this ever happened to you, friends? xoxo
I look into your eyes, love
And I want to paint the picture I see behind them
There's so much beauty, can't you see?
I've never been good at this, never thought I'd want somebody so much
But you've managed to make me come undone
And you're the only one who can put me back together

Your eyes are like a canvass
A work of art I want to jump into
And just get lost in you

I always say too much when I'm around you
But I love that you never seem to mind
You have a way of seeing right through everything I try to hide
Somehow you've found a way to fill the emptiness of my loneliness
I know I'm not the type of girl who should say this, but I have to
I know you're with her, but I can't help but wonder
How it would be if she wasn't around
Could you save me from this lonesome, lonesome town?

I've practiced this speech in my head
I've worked and reworked everything I've wanted to say
But would it even make a difference in the end
When words are just words anyway?
It's hard to see her with you
Knowing she's the one you run to

People hear but never listen
I feel their touch, but can never seem to bridge this distance

I always say too much when I'm around you
But I love that you never seem to mind
You have a way of seeing right through everything I try to hide
Somehow you've found a way to fill the emptiness of my loneliness
I know I'm not the type of girl who should say this, but I have to
I know you're with her, but I can't help but wonder
How it would be if she wasn't around
Could you save me from this lonesome, lonesome town?

Away from the crowd
Away from all this noise
Away from this lonesome, lonesome, lonesome town

I always say too much when I'm around you
But I love that you never seem to mind
You have a way of seeing right through everything I try to hide
Somehow you've found a way to fill the emptiness of my loneliness
I know I'm not the type of girl who should say this, but I have to
I know you're with her, but I can't help but wonder
How it would be if she wasn't around
Could you save me from this lonesome, lonesome town?

I always say too much when I'm around you
But I love that you never seem to mind
You have a way of seeing right through everything I try to hide
Somehow you've found a way to fill the emptiness of my loneliness
I know I'm not the type of girl who should say this, but I have to
I know you're with her, but I can't help but wonder
How it would be if she wasn't around
Could you save me from this lonesome, lonesome town?

How it would be if she wasn't around
Could you save me from this lonesome, lonesome town?

[Photo via We Heart It]

Suddenly Speechless.

What does it mean when you're left suddenly speechless? I'm not quite sure what to make of this, and naturally, could use your opinions.

So there's this guy. I know, I know. You've heard me say this probably a hundred times by now, but it's not the Say-You're-Sorry guy or the Hey-Springsteen guy. It's a new guy. Well, not new really, considering I've known him for awhile, but this feels like a different sort of know, you know?

You'd think I'd be rambling on and on about every single one of our encounters. You'd think I'd be writing and analyzing everything about him. You'd think I'd be writing song after song about him by now.

But I'm not. And what's even stranger is that I don't want to. I don't want to talk about it because that usually jinxes it. And I don't want to talk about it because I don't want him thinking I"m sone sort of creepy, stalker girl. And I don't want to talk about it because I don't want to scare him away too soon.

Maybe a little part of my heart does want to talk about him. So badly, maybe. but this guy seems pretty special, and perhaps that's the reason I don't want to talk about it. Because I respect him as a person. Because maybe, for the first time, I want to let go with my heart before I let go with those strokes of the keyboard.

There's just something about him.

You meet someone. you like how he makes you feel, he makes you smile and you enjoy getting to know him. So the question long, then, is the appropriate amount of time before you explore where the relationship could go? You all know this is completely new territory for me. You know me, part of me just wants to blurt it out, out-of-the-blue style, but something tells me that's not the way to go about it this time.
But who knows, really? I'm probably not even on his radar in that way. I probably don't have a chance with him. Heck, I probably have a better chance of getting on The Price Is Right and guessing to-the-cent the price of a Whirlpool hot tub - not that I've even been in one, mind you.

He probably wouldn't even go for a girl like me...or would he? And does it mean something or is it some sort of cosmic sign that I don't want to talk about him...yet? xoxo

[Photo via Beauty In Everything]

MEMO TO MEN: 5 Things I Love About You.

TO: Men all over the planet
FROM: Melissa
RE: I looove you!
DATE: March 29, 2010

Apparently, there's this ugly rumor going around about me that I'm not a Man Fan. Ouch. That one really hurts, boys. I'm a big fan of yours. If I wasn't, do you think I'd really be writing to Mr. Melissa Blake? Instead, I'd probably be holed up in my house weaving a new ball of yarn for my 10 cats, each named after a guy I loved that got away, and lamenting nonstop about my angry bitterness.
But I'm not. Why? Because I truly do love you guys! How could you not know how much I love you? Maybe these 5 reasons will help convince you...

You make me laugh
I was in a bad mood last week. A really bad, sour, want-to-punch-someone-in-the-face sort of mood. It had been a long, drawn-out week, and, surprisingly, I was naked...that is, I was,'t wearing my trademark smile. It was actually very discerting, this sudden sense of irritation. But by the afternoon, and after a chat with a male friend, I was smiling and grinning again. The genuine, happy kind. I'm quite sure his sarcasm and jokes had something to do with it. He just has a way of making me laugh, and I love it.

You're up-front and forward
I know, I know. I have this crazy habit of masking my feelings and hiding them when really, I should just throw them out there for the entire world to see. Well, I do let my feelings be known, but not when it comes to you sometimes. What would you do if I just blurted out how I felt about you? I know I sometimes give you a hard time for being so mysterious to me, but the more I get to know you, the more I realize you're more open and upfront than even me sometimes. So for that, I shall always, always be eternally grateful.

Your funny nicknames
I know this probably seems like a relatively small thing for many of you (women included), but I've had two different guys playfully tease me last week by calling me silly. It was cute. It was charming. And of course, it made me smile.

Your sweet compliments
I still (yes, you guessed it... smile when I think about that lovely sweater comment from Ex-Marine Man some 9 years ago. Chances are, he's probably forgotten he even said it, but I never have. And honestly, that's what makes it so special. It was something small, but it meant a great deal to me. For me, it doesn't have to be about this grand, earth-shattering gestures. Most likely, I'll remember the sweet thing you said to me long after those red roses have wilted and died in the vase. And take an encounter I had last week, for example. A guy - yes, the same guy who called me silly - said I was one of the coolest people he's ever met. Whaaaat? Is he really serious? Apparently, he was. Add another dorky smile to my face.

Glimpses of your sensitive side
Don't get me wrong here; I know you have one. It's just that sometimes, it seems so buried deep inside that it's impossible to get to. I'm not all that into that mach-man stuff, to say the least. It all seems like some sort of circus show to me, like you're the ring leader riling up the crowd or something. It's actually sort of a turn-off. Well, an equal turn-off, I suppose, is a guy (or any person, for that matter) who is constantly weeping and sobbing on your shoulder. So how about we go with a glimpse? I love when a guy isn't afraid to show his soft center underneath that hard exterior. Take another recent encounter of mine. A guy friend was nice enough to compile his favorite songs for the perfect mix CD, and I loved reading his reasoning for each song (Newsflash: You might get to read said list in the near future...)!

See, I'm not always a Negative Nellie now, am I, boys?
Granted, I know I'm pretty awesome, but I'm not used to hearing those words come out of a guy's mouth. But of course it's something I could get used, feel free to shoot more little sweet compliments my way, boys! You can be sure of one thing: I'll never, ever forget it, and will probably still be writing about it 9 years from now. xoxo

P.S. I've never had someone actually make me a mix CD. I'm just putting the offer on the table... xoxo

[Photos via We Heart It]

Man Candy Monday

I hope you're having a great Monday, friends! For the last week, my mother, sister and I have been utterly obsessed with Man vs. Wild, the Discovery Channel hit that takes you into the wilderness all over the globe. But it's not the scenery I'm really focused on while watching each episode. It's the man behind the show. He's easy on the eyes, sure, but he's so incredibly smart, and well, you all know how I get weak in the knees for those sexy brains. I wouldn't mind being stranded with this guy anywhere...

BEAR GRYLLS!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I've also perfected his trademark British phrases, like "I was trained in the British Special Forces" and "I'll show you how to survive..."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Have A Beautiful Weekend.

Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? I hope it was filled with wonderful things and lots of smiles. Any plans for the weekend? The time has come for me...I can't ignore the mess of things (lots of magazines included, of course!) that have found their way into a ginormous pile in my room. I'm determined to tackle it this weekend...I think.

Don't you love the photo I chose for today? I chose it for a reason, and I just wanted to clear some things up once and for all today. Have you been following the comments in this week's MEMO TO MEN? I don't want to drag things out, but I did wsnt to apologize if I offended anyone. So here's my official statement...a State of My Blog Address, if you will...

This blog is about MY journey. I never said I was perfect. I never said I knew it all. I'll be the first to say I have ZERO experience, but I think that's the cool thing about my blog. You're getting to see the journey in real-time, as it happens. That's what makes life exciting, isn't it?

This is my honest story. I'm going to continue to tell my story. I've never intentionally meant to offend anyone by it. I'm sorry if that's how it came across. The only way I know how to write is honestly. It wouldn't be me if I did it any other way.

You all know how much I love you, right? I don't think I could ever thank you all enough for all the love and support you've shown me in these last 16 months of blogging. I look forward to continuing to get to know you and reading all your awesome blogs! If you have any questions or want to reach me, always know that you can email me at mellow1422 [at] aol [dot] com. I love hearing from you!

As you enjoy your weekend, check out these awesome finds from around the Web this week...

Awesomeness: Reading nook

What makes you purely happy?

Ooooh, I want to make these apple sauce muffins

A gorgeous Japanese celebration

I'd rather be...

Amazing pop-up books

Look at this delicious wedding cake!

Would you love to live in these airy + bright + open rooms?

Kitchen love

Every dog should wear a cute rain coat, don't you agree?

Outdoor lanterns

Which entrance is your favorite? I can't decide!

Yum: Cherry blossom donuts!

Winking rocks, baby!

Necklace love!

Men + skirts!

Life is a picnic

Want: A pink bag

Reading is a great stress-reliever, isn't it?

I love these summery Save The Date cards!

Don't forget about Earth Hour

I love Erika's Thrifty Thursday round-ups, don't you?

A BIG congrats to Juliana on hitting 1,900 subscribers!!

What's your favorite type of wedding ring?

Genius: Underwater wedding photos!

I love all the different photos of the same hill, what about you?

Bridal brunch

I love the look of these bowls!

First glimpse: Summer clothes!

Anyone remember Polly Pocket?

Home decor inspiration!

Yay for spring accessories, no?

I'm not sure how I feel about bows and ties here...

Happy Blog Birthday, Jamie!!

What lessons did your mother teach you?

I love this Bill of Rights for parents of children with special needs

Who doesn't love bags with stripes?

Can someone buy me a vintage camera, please?

A cute letter from a mother to her newborn son

Could you go on a spending hiatus?

[Photo via MadeByGirl]

Gussy Giveaway!

Today's giveaway comes to us from Maggie, who runs Gussy, a great place for an ecclectic mix of beautiful bags of all sizes, baby blankets and gorgeous cards. She's offering a $30 gift certificate to her shop to one lucky reader.

For your chance to win, simply visit Gussy, and leave a comment below, along with your email address. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Happy browsing, friends! xoxo

P.S. Don't forget to check out Maggie's colorful blog too!

Update: Congrats to winner, Crystal. Thanks so much! xoxo

Freaky (Funny!) Friday

Previously on The Melissa Diaries: It was post-9/11. The world was scared and confused, and my grandmother had just had a stroke. I was headed for the good old South to be with my grandparents, but little did that amidst all the sadness, one little note would keep me smiling through it all...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comment of the Week.

It really, really brightened my day last week when I got this little message of lyrical encouragement...what do you think, friends? Maybe I should be off looking for those right hands after all...

Girl, you get your lyrics in the hands of the right person and you have a great career ahead of you.

[Photo via A Glamorous Little Side Project]

Mind of a Man: Questions Asked, Questions Answered.

Hello, friends! My 21 Questions proved quite helpful, and resident awesome-advice giver, Kasey, heeded my call and answered them! Check out what he has to say, and let me know what you think! xoxo

1. Are you really a gentleman, or do you just say that because you think it’s what we want to hear?
First of all, I don’t say “I am a gentleman.” I AM one, but not because of what I say, how I dress, or what cologne I wear. It's all about conduct. A truly sophisticated man understands that.

2. Situation: You and a girl randomly chat for some time…how long should she wait before asking you out if she feels a connection?
Dude, a girl can ask me out ANYTIME. It's kind of an ego trip to be asked out by a girl. Of course, whoever asks anything takes a chance that their request could be denied; so wait until you think your chances of acceptance are fairly high.

3. What’s with your sarcasm? Is it your default flirt mode or something?
I am never sarcastic. Every person is different; some use sarcasm to flirt, some have no idea what flirting is, and are still sarcastic. Level of sarcasm is not typically a good indicator of interest.

4. What’s more important: a good career or a good relationship?
Well, I suppose I’ll have to say relationship. But it would be incredibly nice to eat things other than Spam every now and again.

5. Will your mother always come first?
Uhhh, no. I ain’t no momma’s boy. I have an older brother for that.

6. What’s with the one-word texts and emails?
Hey. Women do that, too. And it is just annoying. If you will recall, Rule #89 is “Use Your Words.”

7. Why do you suddenly just disappear off the face of the Earth?7
Typically, guys do that because they don’t like confrontation, and it's too hard to tell a girl, “I’m just not that into you.” Tears will ensue. It's just easier to disappear. I’m not condoning. I’m just sayin’.

8. Does saying, “I love you” really scare you? What about commitment?
Yup. It's scary. And I am afraid of commitment — afraid of committing to the wrong one and having to break someone’s heart. No fun for anyone.

9. Would you honestly marry your video games if you could?
Prince of Persia, Gears of War, Goldeneye, Modern Warfare 2, Madden 10, NHL 10, Hot Shots Golf, and a few others, yes. But really, we all just want a steady diet of bullets and explosions. You don’t need to marry your video game console for that, silly!

10. Why do you cheat and leave such a sloppy trail of evidence behind you?
I don’t. That is why I’m a guy dating consultant.

11. Why don’t you hear what we say the first time? Why does “I’m listening” really mean you’re not?
Now you’re just stereotyping!! What was the question again?

12. Is being a virgin really a deal-breaker for you?
No. Depends on the person. The answer to that depends entirely upon you.

13. How do you really feel right before you meet our parents?
We are all thinking, “Oh, Lord. What have I gotten myself into?”

14. How do you know you’re in love?
You don’t want guys to answer that. We try to use the ‘L’ word as little as possible.

15. What do you really think of assertive, take-charge women?
Well...that all depends on what they look like, doesn’t it?

16. Do you really mentally undress women with your eyes? Are you mentally undressing me right now?
Sometimes, even the best of us fall prey to imagination when a hot girl walks in. We are warm-blooded, after all. And no. Not without pictures, silly.

17. When was the last time you wore your heart on your sleeve?
The last time it got impaled and mounted on a palisade.

18. Can you please explain the older woman obsession some guys have? Is it really a Freudian thing?
Freud is weird. So no. But people are weird, and so are those guys.

19. Are you really over your ex?
Probably not. I try not to think about it.

20. How would you really feel if a girl wrote a song about you?
Well, I suppose that depends on whether it is a good or bad song, yes?

21. What’s one question you’d like to ask me?
I got nothin’. Guys aren’t really big fans of tons of questions, in general.

[Photo via ache]

Inspiration: Travel Posters.

Don't these travel posters make you want to hop on a plane for a little weekend of the 3 Rs - rest, relaxation and root beer? The shop, Heads of States (What a great name, right...?), is based in Philly and offers "14x24 inches of printed patriotism." You could go to places like Miami, Chicago, Seattle and Phoenix without ever even leaving the comforts of your couch! These posters make me want to start collecting these and display them on an entire wall in my house.

How cool is that? So, friends, what's been your favorite travel getaway? xoxo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letters To My Future Husband: Letter #79

Dear Mr. Melissa Blake:

I need a lot of laughter in my life. Do I giggle a lot? Well. that's sort of a given, so maybe I should rephrase my question. Do we laugh a lot together? Do we get into those fits of laughter that make your stomach hurt, the kind that makes your eyes water like Niagara Falls and sometimes force you to recoil your entire body like you're in pain?

I'm not sure how it is in the future, but here in 2010, people have a habit of taking things a bit too seriously sometimes - at least, that's how I see it. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for being serious when the situation calls for me to put on my Serious Hat. I can be Miss Serious with the best of them! I probably wouldn't have made it through my 28 surgeries without a serious, brave face...what do you think, Sweetpea?

So, I hope you can be a Seriois-Hat guy, too, but like I'm sure I've told you a million times over, it was probably your sense of humor that stole my heart. Am I right? It might sound crazy, but sometimes I envision you just doing something silly just to make me laugh. And I'll undoubtedly let loose the giggle that my sister says is like a witch's cackle and is the most annoying laugh in the world (which it is not, I'll have you know.. ). Maybe we'll laugh hysterically as we drink root beers together. Maybe we'll playfully make fun of each other. Are you the sarcastic type? I suppose I should have warned you about that earlier, shouldn't I? Ooops.
Now, I'm sure my mother is going to try to tell you that I don't have a sense of humor. Or, she might try to tell you that I was born without a funny bone. Well, it won't be the first time she's tried to spread those ugly, nasty, vicious rumors. But don't listen to her. Please, please. It's not true. The older I get, the better my sense of humor gets, so I figure by the time that we meet, I'll have enough cred to at least, perhaps be a stand-up comedian - though, I suppose it will be more like sit-down comedian, considering the whole wheelchair thing. Oh, look. I just made a joke there, and I wasn't even trying! See, I am funny, aren't I? And you just can't resist it, can you?

I'm sure you also know that I've always loved to laugh. If you look at any photo I've ever been in (And trust me, I'm a camera hog...), I have this perpetually huge grin across my face. I should probably just go around wearing clown makeup, so my face wouldn't hurt so much from all that smiling - sarcasm alert, Sweetpea!

Bottom line, though: I love to laugh. I love to smile. I just look forward to us laughing together. I've had my share of serious life moments, and sometimes I just feel so ready to throw it all out the window a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and let go laughing. I look forward to us bringing lots of fun and laughter into each other's life.

If you can make me laugh, it will be all gravy, Sweetpea.
Really, I don't want us to be one of those stiff couples that is so serious all the time. I've seen too many of those, and it's just painful to watch because they just look terribly unhappy. Think of Don and Betty Draper from Mad Men; can you imagine if they didn't have those glasses of scotch to help them get through the day?

Promise we won't be one of those couples, OK? And I promise to crack at least one joke a day - maybe a few more if the mood strikes me. We have a deal, right? Until we meet...

P.S. Oh, and if I can't laugh with you? Well, than I have no idea what we're doing together in the first place. We might as well just call it a day and sign those divorce papers ASAP. What? No, that wasn't a sarcasm alert...

[Photos via A Glamorous Little Side Project]
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