Friday, April 22, 2011

Confetti Eggs.

I've always loved Easter, and not just for my love of jelly beans and my fascination with a certain Mr. Easter Bunny. Every year without fail, my sister and I would wake up to the surprise of little plastic eggs scattered all over the house. On the piano. Behind the couch. On top the TV. Under the TV. We'd run around and giggle and see who could collect the most loot. It was one of those rare moments of pure joy and contentment.

I really miss those days. So when I discovered that Rebecca Wright has artfully and creatively found a way to bring the childhood joys of Easter to adults, I couldn't have been more thrilled.
Her awesome party idea? A confetti egg game. You fills these lovely and colorful eggs with equally colorful confetti.
You then hide the eggs and everyone runs around like children looking for them. You also, as she instructs, want to run from your fellow egg-hunters, who can (and will!) crack open an egg on your head and watch the explosion of confetti swirl through the air. I love how she calls it a mini pinata for your head!
A cool twist? One of the eggs is filled with golden confetti - it's just like in Willy Wonka when he got the Golden Ticket.

Doesn't that sound like fun? I hope you all have a great Easter weekend! What are your plans? Eat a jelly bean or two - or three - for me! xoxo

P.S. Another Easter favorite - the Cadbury Creme Egg. Yum!

[Via Oh Happy Day!]


  1. Happy Easter to you have a great one!

  2. what a great idea!!

    Happy Easter!!

  3. No way! I love the sheer girliness of this. Who doesn't love confetti? Especially when there's a prize involved.

  4. Have a great Easter! This made my day and I would really like that idea. It makes me feel nostalgic to remember the simplicity and joy holidays brought.

  5. this is such a great idea!
    I hope you have a wonderful easter weekend!

  6. Oh, how fun! Loving this magical idea!

  7. What a fantastic idea to bring the kid out of you. One for adults and kids. The best ideas are the simplest.

  8. Hi, Paz -- she pokes a hole in one end and puts the confetti in and then seals it back up! :)

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