Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hysterical Baby Video.

We should all take a cue from this baby and learn to laugh at all the lovely small things in life. This video made me laugh out loud. Enjoy, friends! :)

[Via Snippet & Ink]


  1. What a hilarious baby; impossible to listen to her crazy laugh without getting a giant smile on your face :)

  2. that laugh is the sweetest thing ever! how cute. i love watching baby videos!

  3. Those two are best friends, huh! And that little (big) laugh is infectious. :D

  4. This Is an awesome video. That was laughing his heart out.THat's so funny! Thanks for sharing it!!

  5. Fantastic video. Laughing babies are possibly THE best thing in the world!!

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  7. Nice video...The laughing baby is so cute ...!!!


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