Friday, July 15, 2011

Love Lounge: What Are Your Dating Dos and Don'ts?

How hilarious (and sometimes truthful) are these dating red flags by Shmitten Kitten's Anna?

A friend of mine shared a few of her pet peeves with me recently when we went out to lunch. She went on a date with a guy who didn't offer to pay for dinner, or pull her chair out at the restaurant. Another guy she went out with looked like he'd just gotten out of bed, as in his hair was still a mess and it looked like he didn't do much to show that his heart was in the date. Yikes! Now, neither of us are particularly old-fashioned, but my friend and I agree that there are just certain dating "rules" that should be followed. My top don'ts:

*Talking about yourself for the whole date.
*Being rude to the waiter.
*Being late for the date?
Texting on the date. The same goes for talking on the phone during the date...bad move.
*Excessively talking about past relationships.

So, do you think chivalry is dead? What would be on your dating bingo card?


  1. That bingo card is amazing!!!! I hate when guys are rude to the waiter. It just is such a turn off and acting like a spoiled brat. That doesn't help either!!!

  2. Nice post !!Nice tips, I'll definitely follow it, thanks for sharing...

  3. Love it! During my online dating times, I went on dates with MANY of these guys. Too many. Can I add wearing transitions lenses to the list? ;)

  4. I definitely get annoyed with a date that is rude to the waiter, I think it says something about them. The guy I'm kind of seeing now is always on his phone, it's so annoying. It makes me feel like I'm not interesting enough. Ugh!

  5. I don't think chivalry is dead. I just think there are still too many idiots in the world...or just rude dudes. I hate when they're rude to other people.

  6. Oh my gosh, do I agree with the dealbreaker of being rude to the waiter. I went on a date with this one guy who actually summoned the waiter with some sort of odd hand gesture and then, after all that ruckus, made the staff member stand there and wait while he chose what wine he wanted. I was so mortified, and mentally checked out of the date immediately after that.

    As for dating dos, I think it's quite simple: be genuinely interested in the person you're with, and be polite (in general). If you felt chemistry on the date, make sure to say you want to hang out again at the end of the date, and follow up with a post-date text or call. If not, at least you had a pleasant experience and practice for the right person!

  7. A guy should always be EARLY! Shows he's excited!

  8. Hahaha! This is hilarious! J'adore!

  9. Thanks alott for this post.All your tips are really very helpfull.

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  11. My best dating tips is that - Give yourself a quick emotional MOT before you go on a date to check you're in the mindset for a possible new relationship. In other words, don't put on the uniform if you can't play the game.

  12. Of course chivalry is dead. That's what you females have been demanding for 50 years. You want to be treated equally. You want to have ALL the PRIVILEGES of men. Men don't get their chairs pulled out for them. Men don't get dinner paid for by females. Messy hair on a female is supposed to be the "in" thing so what's the problem if a guy does the same? Why should I act like a servant? However, you keep inventing more rules for men to abide by and stay single. Men are fed up with you. We don't want you. You've been saying for 50 years that A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. Well, A Man Needs a Woman Like a Fish Needs a Lobotomy.


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