Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Great Teachers...

For the next month, you can honor the great teachers who made an impact on your life by submitting your thank-you note on ThanksForTeachingUs. Aren't these heartfelt stories wonderful? They make me proud to be a teacher! You can submit your story here.

What would you say to a former teacher? How have your teachers inspired you, friends? Honor them today! xoxo

P.S. The one to Mom made my heart swell...

[Via Swissmiss]


  1. Aww that's a really sweet idea, I had a geography, sociology teach who really inspired me to climb up the education ladder as high as I could. She was the first person who actually believed in me and thought me smart enough to get to a top university. she'd probably not like where i've ended up (retail) but its just a stop gap!

  2. rachel, that's awesome! you can do anything! i love your attitude...a friend of the family went back to school to get her financial planners license when she was in her '50s, so it's never too late!

  3. So cool! I want to write one for sure!

  4. That's so cool!
    One of my high school teachers is pretty much the entire reason I ended up majoring in English. Sadly, she passed away before the end of that school year. When I graduated with my BA in English last year, I whispered a little prayer of thanks for her life...teachers can mean so much!

  5. yay for English, Katie! That was my minor in college. :)


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