Friday, December 02, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011 Part #5: Your little cousin who loves to follow you around and isn't afraid of anything.

Froggy doll because they love animals, $14.
A set of 10 smencils to make art fun, $14.
AlphaPets origami book to encourage her creative, artistic side, $12.
A classic slinky because, well, having a slinky is just a childhood rite of passage, $5.72.
A constellation calendar for their love of science and because you want them to reach for the stars, $25.
A Magic 8 Ball pen because they love to ask questions, $7.
Hi 5 gloves for those chilly afternoons of playing at the park with friends, $19.
These puzzle sandwich cutters to make getting ready for school even more fun, $16.95.
A make-your-own-night-light kit to help them scare those monsters away at night, $8.50.
Their very own lunch sack for their first day of school because they're so excited, $20.


Wendy said...

That sandwich cutter is AWESOME!

Patricia Villamil said...

I truly adore this list. Makes me want to be a kid!

Michelle said...

Love the origami book; know for one that if I got that for my little lovely four year old cousin, she'll be following me around with that book, begging me to do origami with her every time I see her. And I would willingly oblige, even though origami does my head in. ;)

Ninja-ing my way through life

Melissa Blake said...

awww, that is so cute, michelle! xoxo

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