Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog redesign: The official unveiling

This afternoon, I am so excited to officially unveil my new blog design. For the last month, I've been working with Heather of Viva La Violette. She's been helping me transform my vision for So About What I Said, and I'm in love with the way everything turned out. I was going for a fresh, crisp, clean and modern look...what do you think, friends? Some important things to bring to your attention...

*You can now follow So About What I Said on Facebook.
*You can now see my pretty finds on Pinterest.
*You can always follow me on Twitter.

With the new blog design, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back over the past year...
I surpassed 100 Letters To My Future Husband, and discussed everything from my high-strung nature to that one moment when I realize I am head-over-heels in love with Mr. Melissa Blake.
We chatted and mused over Love Lounge topics, like believing in fate, what we love about being single and the upside of unrequited love.
We schooled those silly boys with each MEMO TO MEN, covering topics like the dangers of a cheating heart, assertive women, the curse of nice guys and a little thing known as R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Childhood favorites, like board games, stuffed animals, sibling nicknames and television shows.
I used Daily Affirmations -- like my love of the Beatles -- to combat my depression.
We oohed and ahhed over Dream Homes, like Nantucket cottages, glass tree globes, framed butterflies, secret passages and a house with an indoor pool!
Dream Vacations, like San Francisco, the Tunnel of Lights, reading hotels, clifftop towns and airport bars.
We got our shopping on with amazing Etsy finds, like miniature cars, state prints and dogs wearing bowties.
Fashion, like flowers in your hair, glasses, tattoos and sparkly holiday shoes.
Awesome design, like lake logos, wedding invitations, typography, geography magnets, Missed Connections and holiday cards.
We enjoyed food virtually, like pumpkin pie bars, Girl Scout cookies and s'mores in a jar.
We fell in love with all things wedding, like this Swedish wedding, this zipline bride, retro bridal portraits and engagement rings.
I celebrated my 30th birthday in August with a wonderful surprise party (Thanks, Mom...)! And of course, I wrote about my life with a physical disability.

We also enjoyed the seasons with Fall Fashion Trends and the Holiday Gift Guide 2011.

And toward the end of the year, I launched several new series, including Behind The Blog, Fashion Friday, Would You Rather and Peek Inside.

Whew! Looking back, it's been a busy year, hasn't it, friends? I'm so excited about what's ahead in 2012, aren't you? And I'm especially excited to share it with you...my wonderful, amazing, fantastic, strong readers! I've loved getting to know you! xoxo

P.S. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new blog design, too! :)


  1. The new design is fabulous, I absolutely love it!


  2. I am in love with your blog!!! It is so sweet and pretty. I don't know what your old layout looked like but this new one is amazing!! It makes me want to redo mine :]

  3. I am so glad you went with Viva la Violette. She is wonderful. LOVE the new header. Its fantastic.

    What a grand year it was. I think because through the ups and downs, you have made 30 look like an accomplishment! Cheers!

  4. nice blog! great photos. i really like your title bar... "akward is the new cool...flawed is the new beautiful"


  5. Melissa, the new design is so nice, you inspired me to have a new design for mine too :)


  6. You are an Amazing Girl to follow and learn from...
    Congratulations for the new design. It suits you specailly the header.

  7. loving the new look- adorable header. I am def distracted by those smores recipes! ;)

  8. It looks superb, Melissa. I love the header...& those little slashes of pink w/the tape/post-it on categories. Excellent!

  9. Oh wow, it looks sooo good m'dear :) I especially love the illustration; fabulous!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for these awesome comments!!! I kept ooohing at it today as if it was Christmas morning!

    Thanks, again, to Heather!!! :)

  11. Love the post, love the new look, love YOU!!

  12. It looks awesome, Melissa! CONGRATS!! xo

  13. Congrats on the new look! It looks wonderful!

  14. Your blog is new to me but it looks fantastic! Congrats on the re-design and a great past year of blogging! Thanks for dropping by my page :)

  15. Hey Melissa!!! I want to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I welcome you anytime. I didn't see the old blog, but I'm loving your current design. Great job! I love the topics you've talked about in the past. I will have to revisit those. I also look forward to your future posts. I'm Kim! :)


  16. it looks fantastic... congrats on a great year of posts!!

  17. your new blog design looks pretty :)

  18. You've had QUITE the past year, doll! And your new design is absolutely gorgeous.
    xo Josie

  19. The new blog design looks amazing and congrats on achieving so much with it over the past 12 months! You're a bit of an inspiration, did you know that?? Tonia x

  20. The blog looks lovely!!! I adore the new header!

  21. Wow..I adore the new look:) It looks stunning, sweetie. Happy day, xo

  22. I love it and your blog. The happiest of anniversaries to you, my love.

  23. Your new look is so chic and feminine! Love it! Congratulations!

  24. Wow, love the new design! And just your blog in general, you do so many amazing and inspiring posts and I can't wait to see all you have in store for 2012!


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