Friday, February 24, 2012

My 100-Word Love Story: On the lovely little things he does for me

Love is the little things he does without me asking: Putting my phone in the charger before we go to bed, filling up my water bottle, rubbing my back whenever I’m on my stomach and checking the lock on the doors at night to keep his family safe. Every action and every word from him is a gesture of love, and I have never gone a day without feeling completely and utterly loved by him.

--By Tiffany from Dancing Branflakes


  1. That is so true! The hundred little things that your guy does to take care of you are probably more important than the one or two big things that he does.

  2. it's in the small details that love likes to live, i agree!

  3. This made me smile~Thanks for sharing♥

  4. Ah, I adore her! Her blog is such a delight to visit. And I love her husband-wife story.


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