Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 11 Gifts For Him

A comfy T-shirt for those weekend hikes and bike rides in the woods., $30.
Set of blue ceramic mugs for his required morning jolt of java, $15.
Homemade milk, white and dark chocolate truffles for a romantic evening, $10.
A know-it-all pencil set to let him know that even though his high self-confidence gets on your nerves, you find his brain incredibly sexy, $10.
A giant, gourmet fortune cookie hand-dipped in chocolate -- with your own personal fortune inside (prices vary).
Heart-printed boxers, so he can remember how much you love him all year long, $8.99.
You're The Greatest pocket square to bring out his dapper side, $10.
A print that sums up your relationship perfectly, $60.
A heart waffle maker for those lazy Saturday mornings of breakfast in bed, $38 (and pancake plates to go with it).
A desktop Zen garden to keep him calm during those stressful days at work, $50.
Plus, three funny cards to make him smile because, well, seeing him smile is all you really want for Valentine's Day, ($4, $5 and $3, respectively).

P.S. Two more gift guides for men...


  1. All such cute idea. I adore those know it all pencils, they are to fun!

  2. I ADORE the periodicals table card. That is hilarious!

  3. Charming gift ideas for him;-)
    Now I know valentines day is almost with us.xx

  4. Melissa I think you made a list of things to get me not him! I would play with that zen garden all day. The cards are amazing. They would be perfect for my guy, especially the bed hog one.

  5. Those pencils are awesome! I want them for myself.

  6. I want the pencils!!!! :) (for me, not fot him hehe)

  7. Love the know it all pencils and the periodical cards, haha. Great geek gifts. <3

  8. Forget the dude! I want those handmade mugs to myself!

  9. All the ideas are superb. I really like some of them a lot. The chocolates has always been my weakness, and the pencils are really witty. I will go for those witty cards anyway. I must have that zen garden pen holder for my office desk in my conservatory. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  10. I think I need the "You're my favorite bed hog" card :-)

  11. I ADORE the periodicals table card. That is hilarious!thanks for sharing it, it might needed when design Gift Card envelopes.

  12. Charming gift ideas for him.All the ideas are superb. I really like some of them a lot. Wish you.
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