Thursday, March 08, 2012

Etsy Love: Vintage wedding save-the-dates

How cute are these wedding save-the-dates from GoGoSnap? I'd never thought of sending out vintage-inspired cards, but these are the perfect combination of elegant and classy.

What were your save-the-dates like, friends? Were they more old-fashioned or more modern? xoxo


  1. My all time favourite was a re-enactment of 'The Graduate' I saw on A Cup Of Jo. So lovely :)

    However, these are pretty awesome too!


  2. If I can make these vintage cards into magnets then I'm all for doing this when my day possibly comes! I love it!

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  3. I absolutely love these!!! My save the dates were more modern, I suppose. It was a photo of my (then fiance) and I kissing under a "No Parking Anytime" sign. :) Then my sister, a graphic designer, added the text and a spiraling flower. Actually, the photo is the second picture in this post, if anyone would like to see:

  4. Hannah, your photos are gorgeous!! :)

  5. adorable! They remind me of these postcards I found when looking through my grandmother's stuff when she passed away. She had real-life postcards from 1902! It was neat, and they looks really similar to these.

    We didn't do any save the dates for our wedding, just spread the word :)

  6. The save the dates are how sweet and sentimental they are!


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