Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Mad Men spring collection

We're *thisclose* to Sunday's premiere! Remember when Banana Republic debuted a Mad Men-inspired collection last year? Well, good news: They've done it again! Banana Republic teamed up with Janie Bryant, Mad Men's costume designer, and the result is a breezy and bright collection perfect for spring.

Aren't these pieces swellegant, friends? They make me want to go to a chic '60s party!

P.S. Catch up on all the Mad Men love here...

[Via The Huffington Post]


  1. Oooo love it! Can't wait for Sunday!!

  2. LOVE the mad men collection.
    just wish some of the pieces weren't an arm and a leg it seems.

    can't wait for sunday! feels like it's been years! (oh wait, it has!)
    xx jes

  3. It is so much fun...I watch via iTunes so I'll have to be off Twitter on Sunday night. But for anyone who isn't already doing so, Janie is a fun person to follow. cheers!

  4. mad men era fashion is the best!


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