Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post: Luck be a (Mad Men) lady

Hello there! It's Jillian from cornflake dreams, and like Melissa, I am a huge Mad Men fan. I was so excited to see the show return on AMC last night! As a marketing communications and design professional, it was easy for me to get sucked into the swanky advertising world of the 60s. I admire all the hard work that goes into each episode - all the retro fashion, music and decor is spot-on. It's fun to watch the show with my mom. who will occasionally shout out "your grandmother had a clock like that!" or laugh because a product's packaging brings back a memory from her childhood. Above all, I love the clothing and accessories of the characters. Betty, Peggy and Joan all dress like ladies and it makes me wish i had more lady-like dresses hanging in my closet.
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The show has inspired its own collection over at Banana Republic. Here are a few of my favorite pieces...
I would love to incorporate a few of these lady-like retro-inspired dresses into my wardrobe...
Are you a mad men fan? Who are your favorite characters?! (I love Joan + Rodger Sterling). A huge thank you to Melissa for inviting me to guest post! Stop by cornflake dreams any time for more fashion, travel and design inspiration.

Jillian of cornflake dreams

P.S. I'm also guest posting for Jillian today. Hop on over and read my favorite Mad Men fashion here .


  1. adore that silver dress.. might give Mad Men a second chance! ;)

  2. Yes!! You should definitely give it another try! the show does a good job of capturing the culture of the '60s while still having the show be juicy!! :)

  3. I love that your mom gets to go down memory lane also. So fun!

  4. That silver dress is just beautiful! Actually, I love all three of them. I don't watch Mad Men, but I definitely love the fashion :)


  5. I love Jillian!!! Loving every last pick here... I am a huge fan of the shift dress! Loved Megan's hot mod number at Don's party!!! XO brynn p.s. Melissa - lovely blog you have here! So nice to meet it :)


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