Thursday, March 22, 2012

Would You Rather: Be best friends with Mad Men's Joan or Peggy?

...if they were real people, of course! Of all the female characters on AMC's Mad Men, Joan and Peggy have always been my two favorites. To me, they stood at the front line and represented a new generation of women. A group that was no longer content to sit on the sidelines and give in to domineering men. A group that was finally unafraid to raise their voice and let it be heard. A group that was powerful and strong and movers and shakers. Joan's sass and Peggy's unrelenting ambition just make you want to be around them and soak up all their good energy.

But, if you had to choose, friends: Who would you want as your BFF? Any particular reason why? xoxo

[Photos via AMC]


  1. I would want Joan because I've always felt that you keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer...

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  2. Joan, definitely!
    Besides the obvious facts that she's beautiful, fun and able to play the accordion, she's always real, and always strong.

  3. Even though I kind of want to BE Joan, I think I'd be friends with Peggy. We're both motivated, good girls. I think Joan would be a bit too scary in real life!

  4. Joan. She might seem tough but she tells the truth, will help. Peggy is a wee bit too cold...though I admire her gumption.

  5. Joan for sure. It always frustrated me when Peggy didn't listen to Joan or befriend her more! Joan might not always be nice but I think she would be a really good friend to have!

  6. I'm going to ride the fence on this one. Each have qualities that I really like. They both are hard eggs to crack. And...then there's Don.

  7. oh, don!!! i can't wait to see what's going to happen to him!

  8. mandy, i'm with you. i'd love to be joan, but i think she'd be a bit too intense for me hahaha

  9. I'd choose Peggy - but by a slim margin - Peggy's ambition and ridiculous smarts would be inspiring, and I'd want to do more with my life just by being near her.


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