Thursday, April 05, 2012

10 creative Easter egg designs

Growing up, one of my favorite things about spring was dying Easter eggs. Every year, though, I stuck with the same standard colors -- the reds, the blues, the greens, the pinks. I never got too wild and crazy. I haven't decorated eggs in years, but lately, I've been seeing so many creative and beautiful designs that it makes me want to get back in the ring and step up my game so I'm not left with egg on my face (pun intended...). Here are the 10 that made my jaw drop this morning...
A groovy throw-back with tie-dye eggs...
A futuristic look with neon dip-dyed eggs...
A classic mix of pastel striped eggs...
A set of vibrantly colored eggs...
A set of intricate origami eggs...
Two words: Ombre eggs...
And of course, no one does it like Martha, with her Thread-wrapped, lace, glittered and dripped-on eggs.

Do you still dye Easter eggs, friends? Do you stay more traditional, or do you get crazy? Let's chat! xoxo

P.S. More egg-tastic posts, including an egg engagement and confetti eggs. Also, remember when I gave the Easter Bunny a makeover?

[Top photo via Teach Preschool]


  1. I love the look of the tie dye eggs. You post the most fun things! :) I'm glad to have your blog on my dashboard! Loveliness! Happy Easter! :)

  2. The dip dyed look like ones we used to make with our kids. My husband was really good at it.

  3. Wow, such beautiful pictures ! Although we do not celebrate Easter here, I have been always fascinated by these designs on eggs !

  4. Awww, Stella, thanks so much! Off to visit your blog.

  5. those tie-dye ones are my favorite!

  6. SO fun!!! Have you seen this month's issue of "Country Living" on stands? I'm normally not a huge reader of that particular publication, but the eggs on the cover are the prettiest I've ever seen and I'm making them this weekend. I'll post about it! I love your blog, btw :)

  7. I'm bookmarking this! We're dying some Saturday with my son. GREAT inspiration here and I'm going to use it! Thank you.


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