Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you work from home?

Oh, you I love and hate you so. I occasionally work from home, and while I like the certain amount of freedom that it brings, I sometimes find myself getting distracted. It's so tempting to quickly log on to Facebook or pick up a magazine for 10 minutes, and before you now it, an hour has passed. So, instead of working in my room -- with its many temptations, like alphabetizing my CDs or watching Dr. Phil or reading the latest issue of Glamour and saying it was in the name of research for work -- I've started to take my laptop and sit at the kitchen table. It surprisingly cuts down on those distractions. And then I discovered these illustrations by artist Lizzy Stewart (remember her musings on the quarter-life crisis?)...

Do you work from home? What has helped you stay focused? What tips do you have for others? Do you take short breaks? Head to Starbucks? Sing along to Pandora? (I do...)! xoxo

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  1. Working from home does have its distractions. Deadlines help. But when there's no deadline, it's easy to get caught up in a little online game or blog reading, etc. Still, I've always liked being able to do laundry while I'm working!

  2. I'm a homeschooled highschool student.. soo yes I work at home(: and yes the Internet CAN get distracting. :P

  3. I guess that it would be a matter of getting organized. Never worked from home, but if I ever do, I'm sure that I'll have to create my own work space, organize my breaks...I'd be pretty receptive about the idea. Btw, our beloved Johanna, from Cup Of Jo, has written about her experience about it. It was pretty insightful!


  4. i work from home and i find that it is almost impossible to do so without at least checking some sort of social media every couple minutes! i mean, its right THERE.

    happy weekend!

  5. I do. I work at my desk...which is still filled w/distractions. I'm pretty focused so I actually have to make a point to break. Otherwise, deadlines, even ones set by you, are a good thing.

    congratulations on 3,000 btw:)

  6. Guilia, thanks! I sometimes get in that zone too and realize it's 2:30 and I haven't even had lunch yet!

  7. So true! I always tell myself - a few minutes on pinterest (or whatever), then I'll work. A few minutes becomes at least an hour!

  8. I take classes from home, which to me is the same thing. With deadlines, I'm able to stay on task, so I think I'd probably be able to work from home too.

  9. Hello there!

    I just stumbled across your blog, it's very nice! Cute and entertaining. :)

    I am a big procrastinator myself, but when it gets out of hand, I found the "5 minutes trick" helps me get through that dreadful task.
    Here it is, explained by a rather cute man (pretty enjoyable to watch hehe):

    Wishing you success!


  10. Hi Dominique -- thanks so's nice to meet you. I'll have to check out that video!

  11. I don't work from home persay, but I do try to write and I do fall victim to surfing the web when I try to focus.

  12. i completed the last two and a half years of my high school education online at home, and while the distraction of the more fun parts of the internet was tempting at times, i managed to kick high school's butt and graduate one year so i'd say it was a success!


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