Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Question of the Week: Question #22

I've been wanting to post about this subject for awhile now (here's a hint), so I thought it would make a good topic for this week's question. Have a question? I'd love to hear it, so feel free to email me (mellow1422 [at] aol) or ask me on Facebook or Twitter, friends! Today's question...

What is your favorite musical?
There’s no business like show business. Everything about it is appealing. And of course, nowhere can you get that happy feeling.

That’s what the famous dance number from Annie, Get Your Gun tells us, at least. The song also says that there are no people like show people – those happy, flashy, extravagant, over-the-top people who have seamlessly mastered the art of acting, singing and dancing.

I have a confession. I, for once, feel like I’m standing ahead of a trend, looking back and saying “I told you so” to the poor saps who are finally catching up to the glory that is the Grand Musical. People have tried to hide their love of a good shake-and-dance show, but I’ve been an advocate for musicals my whole life.
I suppose I have my mother to thank for my overabundant love of musicals. She started us early and often. I had memorized every song in Annie when I was 4. Oklahoma by the time I was 8. In the car on those long family trips, we even sang. What was my mom’s standard of choice? Musicals, of course, usually something from My Fair Lady or The King And I. I almost think if you ask her nicely, she’ll belt out On The Street Where You Live at your child’s next party or Bar Mitzvah.
Musicals can make anything look – and sound – like a big, grand event. A giant party. An inside look at the devastating world of gangs? There’s West Side Story. A melancholy story of parents who pawned their children off to a nanny? Try Mary Poppins. A movie that portrays people actually enjoying and getting down tonight in the 1970s? Don’t forget Saturday Night Fever. The story of a washed up movie star with delusions of grandeur? There's my all-time favorite Sunset Boulevard.
What are your favorite musicals, friends? Do you find yourself singing along like I do? xoxo

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  1. Movies: Singing in the Rain, The Newsies, Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof

    Broadway: Wicked, Jersey Boys, The Producers

    There are so many... I love them all!


  2. My favorite musical is Sound of Music! :)


  3. "Annie" was the first movie that I saw in a theater... I remember loving it as a child. I saw it again about a year ago and it holds up pretty well.

  4. music is one of my favorite things ever, but for some reason i've always nearly despised musicals. i think it's a combination of how the songs always seem to work my last nerve after watching them countless times in school or that the practical side of me finds it silly that somehow, some way all the characters know all the same words and dance moves, hahaha. to each their own though!

  5. so excited to see this post!
    i've been on a musical kick this week.
    love wicked, legally blonde the musical, west side story, & rent!

  6. Into The Woods, Sweeney Todd, The Wild Party and (guilty pleasure) Spring Awakening all the way. And Singin' in the Rain because Gene Kelly is so damn handsome.

  7. My cousin and I were obsessed with Annie when we were kids, we probably watched the movie version 5 hundred times.

    Currently my favorite musical is Rent, I saw it twice on Broadway. The first time I saw it, Drew Lachey played Mark. He was really good.

  8. So glad to see so much Annie love here! I've probably seen the film 500 times, too!

  9. And silver, thanks so much for reminding me about Rent....another one of my favorites!


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