Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two cute baby videos

Do you have any favorite baby videos, friends? I found two this morning that totally made me say "Awww" out loud. First, meet little Charlie Davies-Carr from England. He became a viral sensation in 2007 after his father posted Charlie Bit My Finger on YouTube as a way to share the boys' life with family friends in the States. The video features Charlie, now 5, chomping on his older brother, Harry's (you guessed it!), finger. The video has been viewed 417.6 million times, making it the most successful noncommercial video in YouTube history. I love Charlie's little laugh and how Harry reassures him by saying, "I'm not really hurt." And how adorable is their accent?
And who can resist this study-in-language video of Brooklyn twins Sam and Wren having a wildly engaging conversation with each other? Their mom Abby, also a twin, posted the video, and it's received 6 million hits already. Don't you wonder what the twins are contemplating? (There's another video of the twins here).

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[Charlie video via The New York Times]


  1. Tatatatatata...tatatatata...There u go!

    Genious! God bless them! xoxo

  2. Those are both classics. This one makes me laugh no matter how low I'm feeling:

  3. Smile. No baby videos here but I adore these;-)

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9oxmRT2YWw
    ^ this one never gets old. cutest ever!

  5. Soooooo cute!!! ;)

    I wonder what are the twins saying?? May be they understand each other like in that movie... :)

  6. I really love this video. what the little girl said was so true.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR9rI_dDisc :) check it out.


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