Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graduation Gift Guide

I've talked about what I'm getting my sister for her big day, but there are so many amazing gift ideas out there for the special graduate in your life -- whether they're graduating from kindergarten or law school.

Here are nine of my favorite things...

*A thumbs-up card, $3.
*An inspirational print, $18.
*A journal (for recording the next stage of life...), $14.95.
*A handpicked box of chocolate, $26.
*"Master Of My Fate" necklace, $68.
*Morse code friend bracelet, $40.
*United States scratch map, $24.
*Memory vase with personalized photos, $250.
*Oh, The Places You'll Go, the perennial classic by Dr. Seuss, $10.79 (two prints based on the book, too!)

What do you think, friends? What's on your graduation list? xoxo


  1. Great list of gifts. That thumb's up card is awesome!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  2. I seriously needed this post. I have no clue where to start in terms of gift giving for my man. After four years, you would have think I would be more prepared.

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  4. While I'm admittedly a little biased since I helped found the company, I think a book from The Wisdom of Others makes for an incredible graduation gift. We make books that you fill with the practical advice and useful wisdom of family and friends.

    You can think of our books like a personalized Life's Little Instruction Book written for someone you care about by everyone that cares about them.

    For example, you could make a book for a recent graduate and fill the pages with advice and instructions for succeeding in life written by their family, friends, teachers and coaches.

    Cool right?! Super thoughtful and super easy to make! :)

    Check us out at

  5. Hi we really appreciate all the great great collection of Graduation Gifts for our friends.

  6. The key to good graduation gift is to what they like or use in the next chapter of life..

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