Friday, May 18, 2012

Keeping Up With The Kardashians season premiere

It's no secret that my mother and I are pretty big fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so I'm pretty excited about this Sunday's season premiere. Kourtney's pregnancy! Kim and Kanye! The Momager! The trailer alone is full of surprises...
Will you be watching, friends? What other guilty pleasures are you loving lately? xoxo

P.S. Which Kardashian are you? Look for mine in the comments... :)


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  2. I've never ever seen this programme.. I know you're hooked but as someone that's never seen it, is it worth a go>?

  3. I am totally obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Guilty pleasures, gah. Unfortunately, I don't have cable (wah!) but I will hopefully find a way to watch!

  4.'s definitely worth it! The family is just hilarious!

  5. I used to be a big fan...It's definitely entertaining...I'm actually excited about this new show created by Mrs. Clint Eastwood (to premier on E! this Sunday) Did u hear about it? XOXO

  6. i'm not the biggest fan of the kardashians, but it certainly can be addictive and entertaining to watch:-) x

  7. Never really understood why such an experienced person like you can take these kinds of reality shows seriously. Really, there are some better things to watch and read during the free time :)Especially for your age and level of education. I know it's your blog and your life and you can write and do whatever you want, but having a popular site automatically turns you into some kind of role model, especially for younger readers. I'd really like to see you writing an article about something beyond the mass media and pop culture. Just a suggestion and no offense please, because I enjoy your writing style.

  8. I love trashy TV, but even I feel guilty turning on the Kardashians, haha. Kendall & Kylie are my favorites - they seem so sweet and down to earth! Let just hope they stay that way :-)

  9. The more people that watch this dysfunctional, greedy, materialistic, over-indulged, spoiled, trash-talking, money-hungry family who clearly have loose morals, shallow relationships and very little in common with the average, hard-working American.....the more the E! channel throws money at them to buy their shoes and dresses!!!! It's all scripted by savvy producers to get ratings. They just signed a contract for 40 million dollars....surely that money could be spent to do some actually GOOD in the world??? I, too, would think you and your mother could find something more productive and positive to do with your Sunday evenings!!!!!

  10. Anons -- I think it's important to strike a balance on my blog. I grapple with serious issues (my Letters To My Future Husband and my newest feature, Disabilities In The Media, for example), but also see thec value of some light-hearted posts sometimes too.

    Some people unwind with an after-work cocktail. I watch The Kardashians. ;)


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