Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Yikes! Can you believe Mother's Day is just a little more than one week away? In honor of all the wonderful and caring and loving mamas out there, I've put together a little gift guide of 10 items she'll love...
A friendship bracelet so you'll always be together, $45 (here's a pretty pink one).
A custom Mother's Day illustration she can hang in her office and take her family to work every day, $75.
A set of decorative pears for her mantle to make her smile because they're quirky and cute -- just like you, $32.
A mother & daughter letter book of 40 cards to send and share with each other, $38.
Sari bag because you know how much she loves a new purse, $35.
Soup and crackers bowls so you two can have an excuse to curl up on the couch together and watch your favorite movies like you did when you were a kid and got sick, $22.
A custom map pillow of your hometown, complete with all your favorite spots, $100.
A relaxation basket filled with her favorite things, including lavender soap ($9), an apple-scented candle ($18), calming bath and shower gel ($36), nautical striped wash cloth ($20) and a bath brush ($28).
Scrabble refrigerator magnet set to leave messages for each other, $12.95.
And, of course, nothing says I love you like some classic flowers, including these ravel hydrangea, $68.

P.S. More gifts for women and other gift guides...

[Collage photos by Susannah Conway]


  1. I love the feel of these gifts, they are so organic and yet simple and beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful gift guide and that sea salt and lavender soap is realy amazing. I have one and I love it so much:) Muah, sweetie.

  3. Ooh, good ideas! Love the soup and crackers bowls ~ for myself, is that bad?! ;)

  4. xoxo great stuff! Love those pears... and of corse the print ;) xo

  5. Great list! Love those friendship bracelets - I like the idea of letting my mom know what a great friend she's been to me :)

  6. yes, shoko! those bracelets were my favorite too! :)


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