Monday, May 28, 2012

Relationship status bracelets

Cool new concept alert: You can now take your Facebook relationship status on the go. Thanks to Buump's relationship status and looking for... bracelets, you can mix and match until you find the perfect combination (Are you in a relationship and looking for friendship? Are you single and looking for fun?). If for no other reason, I love them for their bright and lively colors, don't you, friends? Which ones would you wear? xoxo

P.S. You can also express yourself with these relationship pencils. :)

[Via New York Magazine]


  1. mmm-not for me i think...think i have the sticker on my forehead sometimes!

  2. I bet these must be very popular among the teenage crowd! I also love the funky bright colors. Would I wear a realtionship bracelet? No need, I have been wearing my relationship status for 18 years on my finger :-) LOL Happily married it says.

  3. These bracelets are hilarious!

  4. "Cool" might be overstating it....


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