Thursday, May 03, 2012

Worrying tips

Last week, we talked about worrying -- that nasty little habit that, if left unchecked, will run a muck and quickly become larger than life. Well, all your anti-worry tactics were so wonderful that I thought today would be the perfect day to share some of them...

"I try to breathe and remember good things. I also try to distract myself, which may not be the healthiest tactic of dealing with issues, but sometimes the most effective!" --Mandy

"I find that when I let go and get lost in my artwork, I lose my worries during that time. It's absolutely relaxing and comforting for me." --Danie

"Worrying has never gotten me anywhere. I realize that not everyone is spiritual or practices a particular faith, but I've found that surrendering that worry in some way, whether one believes in a higher power or the fact that everything always works out somehow, is quite comforting." --Alyx

"Sometimes when I have tons of things on my plate at once, I begin to become preoccupied with what I will do about the situation, but when that happens, I force myself to stay busy with things that I love doing and spend time with the people I love. I'm happy to say that most of the time I am able to not worry, because in the end nothing is accomplished or made any easier by worrying." --April

Thanks for these wonderful tips, everyone! I'm going to keep them on hand for the next time I come down with the worry bug. What tips would you add, friends? xoxo

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  1. Thanks for including my tip in your post, Melissa...even if I sound a bit like an ostrich with my head in the sand. Hey, it works sometimes! :)

  2. Love these round ups of tips. Seriously- I can let myself worry over the STUPIDEST things. I think it's just me projecting, but it's there nonetheless.

  3. (on another note...) i wish all letters came in brown envelopes with the red and blue edges like the first photo...

    and for worrying, i think letting someone else know your worries helps the situation. because they will inevitably tell you "just try to keep your mind off of it, worrying won't do anything, and everything will be fine." sometimes just having someone else know your thoughts, and having someone else tell you its going to be ok (other than your inner brain) makes things all better :D

  4. thank YOU for the awsome tip, mandy! xoxo

  5. tiffany, i am the QUEEN of worrying about stupid stuff. it's funny because i know it's completely irrational, but i still can't stop my mind from obsessing over it. Ugh! :)

  6. I worry about the dumbest things too! Melissa, thank you so much for including all of us in your post. I loved reading what everyone had to say.

  7. I know that nothing can be done about worry. Nothing good comes from it. I too have a hard time not doing it though.
    I have had a very stressful few years. Of late it has just gotten more so.
    I have no control over the worries so I am trying to release them.
    Thank you for the suggestion that you posted.


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