Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day: Gifts He's Sure To Love

What are you getting your dad (Or grandfather! Or husband!) for Father's Day? It's hard to believe that the day in which we honor those men who have shaped our lives is just four days away. Even though I get a little lump in my throat around this time of year, I still smile when I think about how much my father loved being a father. And when it came to Father's Day gifts, he treated everything we gave him as if it were a precious treasure, even if it was something we'd made with construction paper and some colorful markers. So to celebrate dads the world over, here are some of my favorite Father's Day gift ideas...
An F-bomb paperweight to make him smile at work, $45.
A KettlePizza outdoor pizza oven for lots of fun and family time, $129.95.
Thinking Putty for those moments of quiet introspection and contemplation, $14.
A bath set, so he can completely unwind, $27.99.
A sky umbrella to keep him dry, $36.
Comic strip badges for the kid in him, $6.75.
A metal bird feeder because he loves sitting outside on lazy weekend afternoons, $168.
Mrs. Fields treat tool box because he has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone you know, $39.99.
A Father's Day card because, well, he really is the wisest guy you know, $5.50.


  1. Haha that F-bomb weight is awesome! And that pizza grill, um I should buy him that so he'll cook for me ;)

    Great ideas!

  2. that pizza over looks awesome! i've never seen anything like that before.

  3. I have no idea what to get my husband. All he wants is a table saw, and I have no idea how to pick one out! : )

  4. Great bird feeder, but $168? Love the idea of the pizza grill.

  5. Love the gifts you have chosen to showcase. My favourite is the pizza oven and the umbrella.

  6. Ha, yes, Sweet Posy, i'm sure you could find a cheaper one... :)


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