Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First day of summer

Today is the official first day of summer, friends, and you know what that means: It's also the longest day of the year! Think a day full of sunshine easily drifting into a warm, breezy evening. Are you doing anything special today? Taking a dip? Enjoying a picnic with friends? Getting out in nature? Cooling off with an ice cream cone? Whatever you do, make sure you treat yourself to something special! xoxo

P.S. What's on your summer wish list? Plus, more summer pleasures, including beat-the-heat fashion ideas.

[Photos by Stephanie Congdon Barnes]


  1. Yay! Happy First Day of Summer! Oddly enough, it's been June Gloom here in So Cal. But I plan on making some popsicles this week to celebrate anyway!


  2. Every post of yours is a piece of art! The most beautiful writing AND the most tasteful and soulful images! I'm a self-declared Melissa scholar! About today, didn't think about anything special...In Miami, Summer usually involves more rain and humidity as well as hurricaine season ;)Besos!

  3. Elsa, you are too funny -- your words make me smile, so THANK YOU!!

  4. i love that first picture.. just screams summer! i love summer so, so much. long days at the beach, dinners out on the porch, and long walks in the evenings after it's cooled off.... doesn't get better than that!!

  5. By coincidence we had a summerparty over at the boys school! So we kinda celebrated summer on the longest day! Games to play, food to eat & in general a very good time!
    Hopes for summer? Well to see more of it this year! :)

  6. This post is just perfect! On my list–take a vacation, ride my bike, enjoy a picnic, and drink something frozen and tropical!

  7. My summer wishlist is full of friends, sunshine, naps in the shade, walks by the lake, gardening, and bbqs. Bring on the heat.

  8. Knoopjes, a summertime party sounds so fun! Do your boys have year-round school? Our school year always ended during the first week of June, so we never had a summer party.


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