Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Post: Packing for a fashionable summer vacation

This summer's fashions are playful and bold. Short sundresses are all the rage, making it easy to don a complete outfit in seconds. There are so many amazing trends debuting this year that packing for a summer vacation is incredibly difficult. A vacationer who will be staying in New York City will have to carefully choose a versatile assortment of fashionable and comfortable clothing that will sustain an entire summer's worth of wear.

If the vacationer is going to be flying to New York City for her summer vacation, she needs to consider the size of her suitcase. Girls who are comfortable showing off their legs can stuff their suitcases full of lightweight slip dresses. This season's hottest dresses feature unconventional applications of lace. A dress may have a lace insert in the back or around the collar. The entire dress may even be constructed out of brightly colored neon lace. Lace dresses are appropriate for all situations and times of day. They can be dressed down with sunglasses and sandals and dressed up with heels and fancy updos.

Jeans should be avoided if possible. They are heavy and take up a lot of space in a suitcase. If jeans must be brought along on a vacation, they should be worn on the plane and not packed with the rest of one's clothes. Leggings are good alternatives to jeans and and other heavy pants. Cut-off shorts are still as popular as they ever were. Girls can cut old pairs of jeans to customized lengths that flatter their legs perfectly. Since the legs will be so prominently displayed, everything else should be covered up. Short shorts look great with loose-layered tank tops. A striped tank top underneath a solid-colored tank with a lower neckline is a creative way to play with trendy stripes. Hip cowboy boots balance out bare legs, and big sunglasses with colored frames keep the look youthful. This daytime outfit can be worn while shopping in Times Square or having brunch in Brooklyn. Colorblocked dresses will grab attention on wild nights out on the town. Many colorblocked dresses stay within the confines of retro mod style and therefore have straight shift silhouettes. The colorblocking keeps the casual cuts from being boring, and the edgy patterns distract from any small figure flaws. Some colorblocked dresses are simply designed: They feature one color above the hips and another color on the bottom half of the dress.

This pattern suits tall thin girls. Other dresses may have checkerboard patterns or thick vertical stripes. There is a perfectly flattering colorblocking pattern for every figure. Modern accessories can be piled on top of this vintage style, or the vacationer may choose to indulge in classic Mad Men-esque styling. Fancy occasions demand careful styling, and experimenting with the costume-y aspects of older trends is an attention-grabbing way of deviating from boring formal hair and makeup. Ornate topknots and thick cat-eye makeup top off a colorblocked dress with flair and grace.

Triangle top bikinis with bottoms in differing patterns are on the cusp of becoming the next huge trend. Many stores sell tops and bottoms separately, allowing shoppers to choose their own pairings. For example, a black-and-white polka dot bikini top can be paired with plain black bottoms. The colors do not even have to coordinate at all. Tops and bottoms that completely clash make for fun, kicky bikinis. These choices are entirely up to the girl who will be wearing the bikini. Additionally, the traditional brief bottoms can be swapped out for boy-cut shorts that provide more coverage. Bandeau tops are another popular bikini style, but many women have trouble keeping them in place. Comfort is key when choosing bikinis to bring on vacation. The traveler may not be able to pack more than two or three swimsuits, so she should choose bikinis that she knows she will feel comfortable wearing nearly every day.

The best bathing suit cover-ups are long sheer shirts that hang away from the body while allowing the figure to be slightly visible beneath the translucent fabric. These cover-ups are airy enough for hot, humid weather and meet decency standards for shops and restaurants that may be near the beach.

Rompers can be worn both as cover-ups and as normal outdoor clothing. A colorful romper looks great with a black cropped tube top or sports bra underneath it. An ensemble like this is meant to look a little sloppy, but in a chic, stylized way. This is the domain of serious students of fashion. This style can be elevated even further with some long necklaces, perhaps with large key or anchor charms. Nautical themes are always popular during the summer, and paying homage to them with subtle jewelry is the fashionable way to touch on classic trends.

Alexandra Jacobs is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about tourism, beaches, food and the wonderful things in the world. She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere. If you would like to learn more about her, follow her on Twitter or visit her blog, Alex's Journeys.


  1. Love this! I'm going on vacation next month and I will definitely be nixing those jeans. Hooray for dresses!

  2. I love this post because I recently moved to NYC and everything is so true! It was a struggle packing two months worth of things in one suit case and a small bag for shoes, but somehow I managed and I put a lot of staple pieces that I can wear with many things. This was a great guest post! xo

  3. This is so cute and so helpful! I just moved to NYC and these are great tips! :)

  4. Aya and Liesl -- SO jealous that you just moved to NYC!! Enjoy it! I went there almost 10 years ago and am itching to go back...such an amazing place!

  5. Love these bright and breezy looks But...

    I remember the first time adult rompers were popular and what a huge pain they were; I'll take being able to go to the bathroom without having to (almost) completely undress over the cuteness factor anytime. Sue me, I'm pragmatic!

  6. Write about who you are, where you actually go and what you wear. It makes your writing stronger and more meaningful. Have you been wearing alot of heals on sand this summer Melissa? Love your blog otherwise....

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  9. I really like the look of those leggings! Glad you could post about them.

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