Monday, June 11, 2012

Ocean popsicle

To celebrate what would have been my parents' 34th wedding anniversary yesterday, we took a walk around a local lagoon. The temps reached a scorching 94 degrees (yikes!), so I came home overheated and dehydrated. If only this ocean-inspired popsicle was waiting in the freezer for me when I got home...

[Via Knight Cat]


  1. I actually thought about you yesterday! Hope you had a great time -despite the extreme temperatures! Bisous!

  2. Pretty! Hope you had a lovely time, xo.

  3. that does look yummy, tasty, and cool! popsicles are a must around my house this time of year in GA!

  4. Couldn't get any more refreshing than that! And it looks stunning too. I wonder if there would be a way to emulate that with food coloring and cream...

    Hope you still had a good time though!

  5. I bet you could do it with food coloring, blue...

  6. p.s. we did have a nice walk yesterday...and stopped by McDonald's for some ice cream on the way home! :)

  7. They look so interesting.
    Due to kidney stones I try to make sure I am always hydrated and worry when others are not.
    My husband took a walk and he stopped though to get a drink at a fast food place. It was a bout 92 degrees yesterday when he was walking.


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