Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Question of the Week: Question #30

It take us awhile to see the joy right in front of us sometimes, doesn't it? Those little unexpected bursts of happiness that pop up in our lives without us even recognizing them. But when we do finally notice them? We have no idea how we could have possibly missed them in the first place. Have a question? I'd love to hear it, so feel free to email me (mellow1422 [at] aol) or ask me on Facebook or Twitter, friends! Today's question is from Anarchist Girl Scout, who asks...

What's been your most unexpected source of happiness?
After a morning of shopping, an outing which should have resulted in the purchase of a few small goldfish for our new tank, my sister gallantly burst in the house revealing a smile bigger than a child’s face on Christmas morning.

We bought a kitten,” she exclaimed.

Not two minutes later, in waltzes my mother carrying the prized loot. Inside the tiny cat carrier sat said prized loot peeking out at the world. A calico little fur ball of orange, black and white. Piercing yellow/green eyes. Four miniature paws.
Now given that our last adventure into finding our other cat, Harry, a companion ended with a little cat fight in which the fur was indeed flying, I stood a bit skeptical at the sight of Stella -- the name we'd already bestowed on our new friend.

We’ll try it for two weeks,” instructed my mother.

And so began our experiment. If it was successful, I knew it would be akin to shifting the continents, as Harry is an antisocial boy. As we let Stella out of her confined quarters, she explored what would be her world for the next 14 days: My bedroom. At first, she seemed content, peaceful even.
But by the tenth day, she was raring to go. To explore her world beyond those four white walls. So we opened the door. Out she scampered. At first, she and Harry avoided each other like the plague, then they got within a few feet of each other and finally, they began to look at each other. First out of fear. Then out of genuine curiosity.

They jumped together. They crouched at the living room window to watch people, cars and other pets zoom past. They even muttered loud meows as they ran across the house together.
It was clear: Stella had brought life and laughter into our house. Without my father, our house can feel like a hollow tomb sometimes. But now for the first time, our smiles and glee didn’t feel fake or forced. We, like those two cats, were feeling genuine happiness – and curiosity about the big wide world. It looked like our little experiment was a success. For everyone.


  1. stella looks so sweet! isnt it crazy how sometimes we get those pets that just get us? they can be the best listeners and the best cuddlers too. im glad it worked out.

  2. It's amazing what cats can do for us. The happiest part of my day is coming home from work and greeting my three kitties. They make my day so much brighter! :)


  3. Kittys bring such joy don't they?!

  4. What a sweet face Stella has! (By the way, I can so picture you calling her ala A Streetcar Named Desire.)

    It always moves me thinking about how our furry friends entrust us with their very lives whilst in return they give us love, trust, and laughter...those things which make life worth living!

  5. I love how Harry and Stella became buddies. :)

  6. I know it might sound strange to say, but my most unexpected source of happiness has been my boyfriend. I always knew that having a boyfriend would bring me joy, but I never expected that being loved by such a wonderful man would make me feel content and secure, even through the darkest of times. Unexpected and totally lovely :)


  7. I have a question! What are you going to be doing with your days now that you aren't a newspaper advisor?


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