Monday, June 25, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Adorn512

Friends, I recently had the chance to chat with Dana, the creative force behind Adorn512. When she began missing the energy of the big-city boutiques in her Chicago-area suburb, she decided to take matters into her own hands and work her magic. Read on more of her tips, timeless tricks and her favorite item in her shop! xoxo

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So tell me a bit about you and your shop...
I am a mother to two beautiful children, Violet, 7, and Miles, 4. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for over 13 years. Adorn512 features vintage and modern trends emphasizing organic and natural elements with a focus on hand-made and personalized products.

What inspired you to start the shop?
Adorn512 started in 2010 with the lack of retailers in my community. I started my business doing trunk and craft shows. Now my focus has been curating beautiful artisan jewelry for my Web site.

What's your best piece of advice for people looking for great online shopping deals?
I will look on different search engines for great deals. Also, change up the wording, to see what the search engine comes up with.

In this recession economy, what are some ways people can still look chic for less?
I will go through my old clothes and jewelry to find some great outfits that I haven't worn in years. Everything comes back in style. I will combine that with some great finds at garage sales and thrift stores.
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
My birthday is June 24th [Editor's Note: Happy Birthday, Dana!], so of course it would be the Cancer constellation necklace. It's beautifully crafted with diamonds and sterling silver. I'm celebrating my birthday all month long wearing this amazing piece of jewelry.

P.S. An awesome guest post and Letter To My Future Husband is coming up soon! :)


  1. Hi Melissa,

    How lovely that you visited my blog and that you said hello. I write in Swedish but glad that you enjoyed the photos, all taken by my iPhone! My next project is to find a better camera.

    Your blog is lovely, I will certainly bookmark it. As see that you read "A Cup of Jo" as well. I saw a photo of "my" little cottage in Joanna's posting "Do or Don't: a house registry". I secretly dream that it's my house! I am lucky that I live not too far away from it so I can just enjoy it. I have taken many pictures of it.

    Have a great day, thanks again for your nice comment.


  2. Happy Birthday to Dana! That necklace is beautiful!!! (Can't wait to wear my bracelet!)

  3. Hi Charlotte -- so nice to meet you! Have a great day too!

  4. I went once and, yes, I hated it the whole time! It absolutely horrified me that they expected me to eat food a BUG had just flown into. And lets not forget that they made me toss my nail polish in the bin; it was the most perfect shade of bubblegum pink the world had ever seen and will never, ever, EVER be replaceable.


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