Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dream Home: Swedish gardens

Can you believe these are actually home gardens? Imagine walking outside every morning to grab the paper and seeing tall blades of grass and wildflowers blowing in the wind -- what a perfect way to start the day! xoxo

P.S. A new Question of the Week and Love Lounge are coming up shortly! :)

[Thanks, Chelsea!]


  1. This is doctor-recommended! Great pics! xoxo

  2. Now that would be a dream garden! Reminds me of those old movies where people walked through their own gardens as a form of exercise. Lovely!

  3. Stunning photos and so much more practical than the acres and acres which require regular grooming!

  4. My mom planted a garden this summer, so this gives me hope for our future!! :)

  5. Hi, April -- I meant my blog. I'm really excited about it! xoxo


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