Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Photos: Feline friends

So, while we're on the subject of animals, I have a teeny, tiny confession: I've been snapping photos of our cats this summer. A lot of photos. Like it's nobody's business. Like it's going out of style. And then, more often than not, I end up posting a few of them to Facebook -- you know, like one of those proud parents.
Harry loves to read the newspaper...
He also likes to stare at me out of the corner of his eye...
And when he's not doing funny tricks...
He's hanging out in his new favorite hiding spot...under the kitchen table...
They like to play Yahtzee with us...
And Stella loves to sleep at the end of my bed...

Eeeks! Am I officially turning into a cat lady? Do you have any pets, friends? Dogs? Cats? A turtle? A sneaky snake? xoxo


  1. i am not a cat person - but I met my brother's ginger persian cat for the first time recently-gorgeous!

  2. I prefer to say that I am a 'cat nerd.':)

    Adorable cats. I love my ginger baby, Julie. She's a hit on FB & Twitter, as well. Keep taking those snaps!


  3. When you start mentioning them all the time, like I do with mine, that's when you have a problem x

  4. Oh they're gorgeous! I love pure ginger cats so much :) Both so beautiful!

  5. I am very envious of their comfort level. They look like total loves!

  6. I'm the exact same way with my dogs! They're like my kids and I'm always taking pictures of all the goofy things they do. Animals have such personalities, you gotta love it :)

  7. Awww, thanks for these sweet comments. they made my mother smile -- and she actually read my blog for once lol

    April -- I know what you mean about animals having such personalities. we never thought cats had personalities until we got ours. they have such distinct's so cool to watch!

  8. I like that you're incorporating more of your own photos into your blog!

  9. I love seeing these little glimpses into your life. I am a cat lady, so don't worry. Although, I heard a simple rule regarding cats- you're not a total cat lady until the number of cats outnumbers the number of humans in your house. I suggested that we get another cat to my husband (we have two), and he said we would have to get a roommate to make sure we didn't turn into cat people :)

  10. Thanks, Hollie -- i just can't resist those cuties! xoxo


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