Monday, July 02, 2012

Family Photos: Reunion fun

Are you going to any family reunions this summer? Summer seems to be the most popular season to reunite and catch up with those aunts, uncles and cousins (and all those permutations of second cousin, second aunt...) that you haven't seen in awhile. Over the weekend, I headed to the suburbs and enjoyed reconnecting with my father's side of the family. We rented a dining hall overlooking the lagoon. That's my mom, sister and me with my cousin Erin above...
It had been six years since the last reunion, so it was nice to see people I don't get to see very often. We enjoyed a classic summer lunch (a HUGE thumbs up to my Uncle Ron's baked beans...), and then exchanged white elephant gifts through competitive rounds of BINGO...
And of course, what family reunion would be complete without a few group shots? First up: Would you believe the photo above is just of my cousins? There's a lot of us, to say the least...
My father's extended family and his immediate family (he has five siblings!)...
Everyone says that my mom, sister and I are looking more and more alike, but I don't see it. At all. Do you, friends?

[Thanks to my Aunt Lisa for taking these awesome photos]


  1. I think you guys definitely look alike! I've not been to a family reunion of sorts in years.

  2. family reunions are fun. Can I humbly say that your sister is looking more like your mom, and maybe you look more like your dad?

  3. Looks wonderful!
    I've only had one family reunion ever. Though part of my family throws some pretty big birthday parties too and those are usually every year, so perhaps those still count;)

  4. Blue-Eyed, we used to have a lot of parties for my cousins when we were younger, but since we're all growing up, we don't get together as much anymore. It was nice to see each other!

  5. I think yall are looking more alike! GORGEOUS - love the sweet smiles oxox

  6. You certainly do look alike! We might be off to my husbands family reunion which i'm kind of dreading. His family is HUGE and I don't cope well with dealing with people en mass and it's the first time i've met a lot of people. It's in a picnic spot in the woods though so i'm hoping I can sneaky escape with my camera and they won't notice lol

  7. You and your mother and sister have the family resemblance. I have six younger siblings and there are 6 of us who are married. Of the 6 married 5 have children (I do not have children). So when my parents had their 50th anniversary last year all of us but one brother his wife and two young boys were there (my brother had just had surgery and was not allowed by his doctor to fly from London England where they live).
    So I know big families. My mother is one of 8 siblings herself. My father while he has a sister and had a brother (so just the 3 of them) he grew up with a 100 cousins in a one mile radius. In fact one of his cousins lives just about 2 miles from me.

  8. Six years since the last reunion! That's way to long! Our last family reunion was probably six years as well on both sides of the family. It's always so fun to get everyone together! AND OH MY do you have a big family! Looks like it was super fun! xoxo A-

  9. Rachael, I always feel sorry for my cousins' new boyfriends or girlfriends the first time they come to a family party. they sort of look like a deer in the headlights with all these new people around. hope you can get some great nature shots!


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