Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Locket love

I don't usually wear necklaces (except for my Fourth of July beads...), but Etsy has some really beautiful ones. MaJo sells Japanese doll lockets, above, remind me of a children's book. And the vintage lockets in Verabel, below, would make quite the statement, wouldn't they?
Do you wear a locket, friends? Do you have a photo of a special someone inside? xoxo


  1. I used to wear one and loved it. I will be wearing one again because the surface is perfect for a great design piece - that doll is a pretty piece.

  2. ah, i've always wanted a locket. and i would put my family's picture in it. i really like the 2nd design. it's kind of tribal.

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  3. I think these are super sweet! I especially love the floral one :) have a lovely weekend!

  4. I think a nice locket is an essential piece of jewelry. It's the type of thing that you keep in the family and pass down from generation to generation.

  5. I've had these lockets on my wishlist for ages, maybe this will act as a catalyst and I'll actually order one--thanks! x


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