Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Question of the Week: Question #31

It seems like people either embrace change or resist it every chance they get. To fall somewhere in the middle is something I've always strived for, and right now, I just might have the opportunity to do so. Have a question? I'd love to hear it, so feel free to email me (mellow1422 [at] aol) or ask me on Facebook or Twitter, friends! Today's question is from Jenny, who asks...

What are you going to be doing with your days now that you aren't a newspaper advisor?
In case you haven't picked up on my subtle clues yet, I don't really like change. OK, I actually hate it. A lot. In fact, sometimes when I see change rolling my way, I swerve my wheelchair in the other direction as if I'm trying to escape the big ball -- Indiana Jones style.

But I'm slowly realizing -- or at least trying to -- that one of the keys to growing up and embracing adulthood is also learning how to embrace change, however big or small or somewhere in the middle. This fall, I'll be faced with the change of no longer being a college newspaper adviser. It's a hat I've worn for nearly five years, watching young journalists grow and blossom right before my very eyes.

I suppose all good things must come to an end, though. But that doesn't mean I'm sad or lost or devastated. I'm honestly excited to look toward the future. So what's on the career horizon for me? I'll be blogging full-time, and I couldn't be happier -- I really do feel like I've got the best job in the world! I'm also planning on hopefully flexing my freelance muscle again. Between working and getting out of the house a few days each week, my time will no doubt fill up pretty fast!


  1. Good to hear you are embracing change. I too have a hard time with it. I get really comfortable with certain things/people/jobs and it takes a lot of out me to make the decision that I need to move on and try something different. I look forward to your full time blogging posts!


  2. I'm like an excited little kid when it comes to most change, I shout "woohoo!" and dive right in. At 50+ it might be more appropriate to be a bit more conservative but oddly enough I grow less so with every passing day.

    Looking forward to your full time blogging ventures!

  3. Wohoo! Congrats darling! It's amazing to be able to make a living out of a blog. My dream! xoxo

  4. I understand where you come from when it comes to change. I have a hard time with it.

    All the best in the future of yur full time blogging and whatever else comes your way.

  5. Thanks, everyone -- it's exciting!

  6. ahh! I love change a lot actually. I get bored otherwise! Thanks for answering my question. :) If your awesome blog was what we got with newspaper advisor Melissa, then I'm looking forward to full-time blogger Melissa!

  7. Good luck with the freelancing!


  8. Blogging is the best! I also struggle with change...but it sounds like you're going to be able to make the most of it all! :)

  9. Curious.....exactly how does one make money blogging? Can you actually make enough to support yourself,if necessary? Or is this just supplemental income? Were you able to collect unemployment compensation when you were let go from your previous job? Are you eligible for any kind of disability payments due to your physical limitations? How do you plan to invest for retirement? What do you do for health insurance? Are you doing anything to further your education or to learn new job skills? These are all reasonable questions to ask of someone who is 30-plus yrs. of age. I assume you don't own a home of your own or pay rent, but surely, as a responsible adult, you must contribute to the family income. I'm just interested because I don't know anyone who "blogs" for full-time income in this tough economy. I would think you would need another person to help support you. Just curious as to how you are able to manage blogging as your main source of support.

  10. Good questions, Anon. To answer them: I work full-time (I worked 9-5 today) and usually a few hours on the weekends; i worked for about a year and a half on my blog before i even thought about advertising.

    as for health insurance, since my mom classified me as handicapped, i'm able to stay on her insurance. i'm thankful for that every day, as i know so many people struggle insurance-wise. My mom and i try to split living costs as much as we can. i do pay rent to her every month, the cell phone and cable bill and we alternate who buys grocery. i've always been one of those people who pays her own way, and i'm very proud that, despite my disability, i am able to.

    right now, i don't have any plans to go back to school for my master's degree

    i was thinking of doing a post on my blogging routine in the future, so look for that as well. hope this answers some of your questions! xoxo

  11. I agree about change being terrifying (says the girl who is going through a break up, moving to a city half way across the country in 3 weeks and starting grad school after working for 5 years...YIKES), but it sounds like you have fantastic changes coming your way! Exciting! Big congrats!

  12. I'm confused haha, by working full time do you mean your blog or do you have another job? Loved this post by the way!

  13. Hi, April -- I meant my blog. I'm really excited about it! xoxo

  14. Ohh I see, wasn't sure! Can't wait for your full time posts :)

  15. As potentially fun it would be to see where I'd be in the future, I'd want to meet my past self. Every time I look at baby pictures or just younger pictures of me I want to tell that person that everything would turn out all right. Even if life isn't exactly how I want it to be, it's not bad at all. I would give her advice to do some things a little differently though.


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