Monday, July 30, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Luckycann

I love hearing the exciting stories behind people's career choices, college majors and, especially, online boutiques, which are like a window into who the person is and what they love. Let's take a peek into Ann's window today, shall we, friends. Ann is the creative genius behind Luckycann, her Thailand-based line of bags for women "who lead a busy, on the go and diverse lifestyle." Read on for more about her passion and a peek inside her process! xoxo

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What inspired you to start the shop?
I was inspired to launch Luckycann to fill a gap in the market. After many shopping missions, I couldn’t find bags to meet my needs as a designer, wife and mom of two young, active children. My bags are stylish, elegant, durable, functional and washable. They are also big enough to accommodate my “everyday mom essentials,” including books, iPhone, sunblock, swimming goggles, clothes, food, toys, diapers, shoes and more. My husband, Robert, and I, run this shop together. He's responsible for design, photo, materials and shipping labels. I make the bags and interact with the customers.

Tell us about your bags.
To ensure they fit the bill, I personally road test my various creations and take note of the feedback provided by many people. Whether you are a busy mom, an executive or a college student, I have a suitable bag (offered in a range of bright and funky colors) to meet your work and lifestyle demands. My range includes the Aster (above, in teal and lemon chiffon) and Carson class-A super large 'all you can store’bags. Slightly smaller are the Iris, Bailey and Fern class-B medium size range of bags. And my Vester, class-C bag, is the most petite offering.


  1. Nice review. She certain has put a lot of thought into each style.

  2. i know! i always love learning people's back stories! xoxo


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