Monday, July 16, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Namesring

Today, friends, I'm happy to share a few words from Elly. Her online jewelry boutique Namesring specializes in custom-made, personalized rings. Elly handles every project from beginning to end, so read on for a peek inside her unique shop! xoxo

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Nowadays, personalized jewelry with people's names and other meaningful words are done almost entirely by machine; words are cut out by laser or chain saw. At my shop, every item is handmade with love and passion from sketching to execution. When people send us their name or any words they want to be on the ring, I sketch them down on paper or on a silver sheet. After that, I hand-cut the words out from the silver sheet; I make it extra shiny by soldering and polishing. Finally, the items are plated over with rhodium or 14k-18k gold to reduce tarnish.

We love and are proud of our work. We always pay a lot of attention to detail and strongly commit to using only high-quality materials. We also emphasize eco-conscious practices in each jewelry-making process. Whenever possible, we replace special chemicals with natural products.


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