Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dog love

I may be a cat person, but who could resist these dog photos by Oregon-based photographer Carli Davidson? In her newest photo series, appropriately titled Shake, Davidson captures dogs shaking water off themselves. The photos offer a rare split-second moment in time, and everything just seems to come together -- the dogs' cartoonish faces, their fur flying every which way and tiny droplets of water circling around them. More photos from the series, which is being published as a photo book in 2013, can be seen here. Genius!

[Via Glamour]


  1. I love these pictures, so much fun!


  2. Haha the kitty photograph at the end is adorable.

  3. these are so great!!!

  4. I chuckled at the 4th picture. Kitty is cute too!

  5. so that IS a kitty? I thought i was seeing things at first lol! :)

    speaking of kitties, i'd love to see an entire series with them! :)


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