Friday, August 10, 2012

Have an adventurous weekend

Happy Friday, friends! What are you doing this weekend? Is it cold in your neck of the woods? I took a walk this morning and nearly froze! Eeeek! Looks like fall is definitely coming! I hope you have a fun weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Hilarious: 10 reasons to be jealous of a 1-year-old.

Pretty floral scarf.

Macaroni and cheese, a la Julia Child.

Candid photos of Marilyn Monroe.

These paintings sort of remind me of Pixar movies. What do you think?

Oh, SNL, how I love you...

Quite possibly the scariest pool ever.

Girl Crush: Julia Child.

Robert Frost is a pretty smart man.

The London Olympics in 1908.

How fun is this food art?

A treatise on the exclamation point. Where do you stand?

Would you announce your engagement on Facebook?

Do you love Disney? Then you'll love this Tumblr.

Gorgeous rainbow flowers.

Yummy alert: BuzzFeed set to launch food blog this fall.

Wowzers! Who would pay $50 million for a NYC pad?

What clever cake pops!

Fun facts about everyone favorite childhood movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

And the best movie news...They're making an ALF movie!

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[View of Earth from space, as captured by Europe's weather satellite]


  1. have a great weekend melissa! love the links- that pool is SO creepy but i would totally swim in it if i had the chance!

  2. Great links Melissa! I like paintings and Julia the most. I really want some Mac and Cheese! It's my favorite food but I recently found out that I have Celiac and can't ever eat the normal kind again! Oh's pretty fattening anyway.

  3. Have a lovely weekend Melissa. Keep on inspiring.

  4. Have a lovely weekend Melissa. Keep on inspiring.

  5. My plans for this weekend; celebrating our paper-wedding anniversary with our kids on the beach!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Ohhh! It is the weekend, isn't it? I guess I'll start with a nine-hour work day (although it never really feels like work - I work as a one-one-one care provider for folks living with developmental disabilities so they can get out into the community more or live on their own). But, after that? Climb in the rafters of our barn, play with the dog, walk down to the creek, and not not not go to the bar to hear the band playing. No sir. Hope your weekend is beautiful and full of memories!

  7. The floral scarf, recipe, Marilyn and rainbow flowers were my favourite this week. What about those exclamation marks?! That was funny.

  8. 1. that pool is scary! we have one similar here at a dallas hotel.

    2. I wouldn't pay $50 million for anything! :]

  9. Did you see Steve Martin's tweet about the exclamation mark (point)? I laughed so hard I almost woke up our toddler.


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