Friday, August 03, 2012

Have a magical weekend

Good evening, friends, and happy Friday. What are you doing this weekend? We found out a couple days ago that poor little Harry has diabetes, so that's been upsetting for all of us. We're trying to get him regulated, which includes putting him on a special diet, giving him insulin shots twice a day and checking his blood sugar four times a day. It's an adjustment for everyone! On a happier note, tomorrow is a pretty special day for me, so check back tomorrow morning for a special weekend post. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

A new spin on bookmarks.

Heads up: 11 reasons stress is good for you.

Do you have a Blogging Will?

What no one told you about motherhood.

Score! An Olympics-themed party!

Come on, fall.

Daily diets of Olympic athletes.

I love Rachael's smashbook, don't you?

Summer sunset color collective.

Origami sea shell brooch.

Memorable sisters in fiction.

On learning how to feel beautiful.

Are you an Internet addict?

Turns out, mustaches are good for men's health.

Such a lovely nursery.

What a wonderful movie night round-up.

Inside Sally Draper's closet.

Girl Crush: Dolly Parton.

This blueberry crisp would be the perfect summer dessert, wouldn't it?

Looking for fun summer activities? Try The Summer of Doing. Thanks, Monica!

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*Note: If you received an email from someone claiming to be me regarding this week's giveaway, DO NOT click the link. It's NOT me. SO SORRY! I'm reporting the spam...

[Top photo via wit + delight]


  1. Have a grand time!


  2. That "super duper" sign is one of my favorites.
    Sending positive thoughts Harry's way and hoping that your tomorrow is amazing.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    I'm sorry to hear about Harry. I just successfully treated my diabetic cat into remission! I had to do all the same things you are doing. I have lots of great thoughts and resources if you are interested in some help. There is a lot of crap and misinformation to slog through but my Sasha is a success case so that must count for something.

    I'm at mellisanne (at) if you want to chat.


  4. Sorry to hear about your kitty - I hope everything works out well for him! Also thank you the link up to my smashbook - it's the first journal i've managed to keep going for more then a couple of weeks.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I hope your cat gets better!

    ps. i love these photos <3

  6. The links were great this week Melissa. Loved the Dolly link!

    Goodluck with Harry.

  7. Hi Luna -- glad you liked the links!! :)

  8. Thanks for all the sweet words for Harry -- I'll pass them along to him. ;)


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