Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letters To My Future Husband: Letter #161.

Dear Mr. Melissa Blake:
I know I've mentioned unusual meetings before, but did we ever talk much about our thoughts on those random meetings that, looking back years later, weren't, well, so random after all? It's an interesting notion, isn't it, Sweetpea? Just imagine how many people we randomly encounter in any given day -- on the street, in a restaurant, in the checkout line at Target -- and half the time, we are completely unaware of the people around us. Not in a dangerous way, but in not-remembering-faces kind of way. Take this week, for example. I went to Target on Monday, and I honestly couldn't describe to you what the person in front of me at the checkout looked like.
So, I can't help but wonder: Are these random meetings just that, random, or is that phrase merely an oxymoron? Are there really no such things as random meetings? Does fate intervene in our lives more than we even know? I'm not even sure I have my own answer. The practical side of me said that the very notion of fate is crazy, that there can be -- and is -- a scientific explanation for everything and that fate-thinking is for dreamers. And then? Well, the very dreamer in me believes there has to be some sort of cosmic order to the universe that not even the smartest physicist in the world could explain. And that's when I start to believe in fate, in those meetings that aren't as random as they seem.

I often wonder where you'll stand on the fate topic, Sweetpea. I'm excited to find out, but until then, I'll keep my eyes extra peeled the next time I go to Target. Until we meet... xoxo

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  1. When I moved into my dorm sophomore year, I called my friend Annie to come help. She brought Lee, who brought his brand new roommate John–I definitely believe that the people who show up randomly in our lives can end up making a big imprint.

  2. That's so sweet, lena! that's sort of how my parents met. my dad went with his friend to visit his friend's girlfriend, who just happened to be my mom's friend. The world is pretty small when you think about it, isn't it? :)

  3. It's so true! We can meet significant friends and others in the seemingly most insignificant places! My husband and I went to college together, but weren't friends. We connected later at a Superbowl party thrown by mutual friends and the rest is history of course.
    I always think about "Sliding Doors" moments and who we could have met or not met in a certain place and time.

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  4. Hmm...such an interesting topic! It seems random, but there's so often that "Wow, if I hadn't gone to that restaurant/football game/party we never would have met!!" aspect to meeting someone special. I think sometimes fate does intervene.


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