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Love Lounge: What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

First, my birthday, then National Lighthouse Day and now...National Romance Awareness Month! Did you know about this special month, friends? Dating site Zoosk recently released the results of a study to coincide with this month of love. After surveying more than 2,300 Americans, including those who are single and in a committed relationship, Zoosk found...

*71% of couples say their significant other is romantic, while only 41% of singles on the dating scene say the same about their "other."
*Couples prefer a "hug and a kiss" (41%) over a romantic candlelit dinner (39%) as the most romantic gesture from their partner.
*78% of those polled agree that they consider romance in a relationship to be "very important."
*42% of Americans say that an anniversary is the most romantic occasion with their other half; 34% of Americans say a summer vacation delivers the most romance; 24% of Americans say Valentine's Day is the most romantic occasion in their lives.

If you think about it, everyone has their own definition of romance, don't they? What's considered romantic to one person might not be romantic to another person. Romance, at least for me, has never been about those grand, sweeping gestures. There's something to be said for romantic gestures that come straight from the heart, whether that gesture is something as small as a homemade card or a mix CD made especially for you. And, of course, honesty also ranks pretty high on the romance meter for me.
The bottom line: It's refreshing and reassuring to see that romance is still alive and well. As the old cliche goes, romance isn't dead. And that is something to celebrate well beyond August, don't you think, friends?

So, I'd love to know: What's the most romantic thing someone has done for you? Do you think romance has changed a lot over the years? What romantic gesture have you done for someone else? What are your overall thoughts on romance in the 21st Century? xoxo

P.S. Did you ever have a summer romance? :)

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  1. Most romantic thing was when my husband asked me to marry him. Was just perfect.

  2. one boyfriend used to use notes in my packlunch box (i was a teacher-not a pupil) and I would find it during the day.sweetness.

    another surprised me at my work with flowers-after only meeting him once before-and just speaking to him.

    neither relationships worked out...what does that tell you..?

  3. I have a really difficult food allergy and my husband has actually wandered into restaurant kitchens to talk to chefs. The restaurants don't like it (I don't blame them!), and it can be extremely embarrassing, but his determination in keeping me safe is always very romantic...

  4. Awww, Robyn, that's really sweet!! :)

  5. And Laura, you can tell how much your husband loves you!!

  6. In the beginning of our relationship, everything my boyfriend did was romantic. Not grandiose gestures but small, subtle ones (trips to the beach at night to see the stars, emails and text messages everyday - that kind of stuff). However, there was this one time that he had to visit Atlanta for last minute business. He drove back the same day to take me on a date (not because I asked him to, because he wanted to). Now, -that- was romantic.

    After 4 years, he is still sweet but in a more settled way. It's the everyday things, like making Sunday breakfast or telling me how much he loves me when we wake up.

  7. I always say Husband is not a romantic guy...but then I think about it and realize I am wrong. He does a million things that quality, but maybe not in the grand gesture way that the world at large loves. He makes me coffee every morning precisely the way I like it. That one is my all-time favorite. He would say the romantic thing I do is cook for him and feed him. :)

    I think romance is what you make of it. Too many people expect romance to "happen" to them, rather than create those moments themselves. Romance today is perhaps less the stuff of chivalry and much more technological. I love a sweet and random "hi" text on my phone in the middle of a work day.

  8. My husband is the ultimate romantic in that he doesn't blink an eye when sacrificing his happiness for mine. For instance, right now he's rubbing my back while watching the Olympics. He's planning on doing this for the next three hours. No joke.

  9. I agree that the little things can definitely be the most romantic. I think that the fact that my boyfriend calls whenever I travel to make sure I get there safe really shows that he cares and is super romantic.

  10. Hmm, on our first anniversary, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner, and when we got back to my apartment, the room had a red glow and there were red and white balloons all over my floor, with a dozen roses in the centre on a table. While we were out, he had our good friend go into my place and replace the light bulbs with red ones, and blow up a tonne of balloons! Not only a good boyfriend, but a good friend, too!

  11. The most romantic gesture a guy did for me - although it wasn't my boyfriend (sorry darling) - we worked together in a resturant and a customer was mean to me and made me cry and he got FURIOUS that someone had hurt my feelings. He didn't punch the guy or anything crazy, but he got so offended that somebody made me cry.

    I wonder what my boyfriend would consider the most romantic thing I've done. I leave him a lot of "I love you!" notes in his sock drawer and stuff. But I think he's more impressed when I show up with pizza and beer, lol.

  12. I don't consider my fiance to be wildly romantic, but he does rub my back and/or feet every nite. Also, when we lived in separate states he surprised me by driving up to see me because I had a bad day.


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