Friday, August 17, 2012


Aymie Spitzer transformed her love of vintage maps into Neighborwoods, a series of neighborhood maps etched in -- you guessed it -- wood. Each map is hand-drawn and laser engraved into unfinished aromatic cedar. "Every map is unique, just like your treasured stories from your neighborhood," says Aymie. "Neighborwoods capture the story of your city, including all of its neighborhoods and key statistics."

Wouldn't these make perfect housewarming or going-away gifts? Although just a handful of cities are currently available, you can pre-order Neighborwoods for other cities, including Chicago, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Madrid, New Orleans and Portland.

P.S. I love the tagline: Your hood etched in wood. So clever! :)

[Via Swissmiss]

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  1. Really cool idea. I was at a restaurant recently that had wood cuttings from various wine crates hung on the wall as an art collection/collage - very cool.


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